Go Back-to-School Safe & Secure With Master Lock

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I vividly remember the day.

I was a college freshman.  I had some time between classes and was sitting on one of the most likely very grimy couches in a remote area of the student center working on homework for my math class.  I had borrowed Darren’s graphing calculator {which actually wasn’t his– it belonged to the school he was attending and he had it on loan} to help make it a little easier for me.

I headed to another portion of the student center to grab a snack and took my things along with me… or so I thought.  Apparently, I left that calculator that didn’t belong to me sitting on the couch.  When I remembered a few minutes later, it was already gone.  That $150 calculator that I had borrowed for a reason– I didn’t want to spend that on a calculator.  Now, I got the lovely job of telling Darren and replacing the calculator because it wasn’t his either and he needed it for his classes as well.

As a parent, do you worry about something like this happening to your child when they head off to school this fall?  You’re not alone.  60% of American worry about the security of their belongings while they or their child is at school, according to a National Census survey from earlier this year.  Kids these days are carrying more high-tech fancy schmancy gadgets than ever before, and it would take one simple moment of forgetfulness or misjudgment for that item to be gone forever.

Wondering what the most commonly stolen items are?  Cell phones, laptops, and iPods– things that many college students will carry with them each and every day.  It’s essential to protect these investments and that’s where Master Lock comes in.

Since 1921, Master Lock has been keeping valuables of all kinds safe and secure, and they strive to provide families with the products they need to live safely and securely– even away at college.  From portable safes to laptop computer locks to set your own combination locks, Master Lock has you covered.

Master Lock even has even created the Master Lock Vault— a secure online cloud where you can store those passwords and data that you need but often forget.  This digital safe deposit box can be accessed anytime, anywhere, making it ideal for late night cram sessions and students away at school.

Another product that caught my eye from Master Lock is the SafeSpace 5900D.  This lightweight and portable mobile storage is ideal for keeping phones, credit cards, jewelry, cash, and small electronics {such as a graphing calculator} safe.  You set your own combination, so no worries about some crazy number combination you have no hope of remembering.

It works by using the cable wrapped tightly to the safe or wrapped securely around a fixed object. This cable also happens to double as a carrying handle.  The SafeSpace 5900D is made to be durable, with a water-resistant design and shock absorbing foam lines within the interior storage area.


In conjunction with back to school, Master Lock is also hosting a fun online game where you can win prizes such as Master Lock products, gift cards, electronics, and video games!  Here’s how it works:

  • Visit the Master Lock Facebook page OR Master Campus Challenge website
  • Each week, there will be a new game to play!  Each game will feature a unique lock in an area of a college campus.  Players will use hints given to crack the code.
  • There are instant win prizes available each day.  Additionally, you can accumulate points {up to 12 per day} as entry into weekly contests and the grand prize drawing.
  • You can also earn points by snapping a picture with your favorite Master Lock product and sharing it on twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #MasterCampusChallenge

The online game started on July 15 and will run through September 8.

Do you have children heading off to college this year?  Make sure to add Master Lock to your shopping list so you can have that peace of mind knowing your child’s belongings are safe and secure.

To connect with other parents looking to secure their valuables, I invite you to attend the Master Lock twitter party on August 6.  Festivities begin at 8pm and the party will be hosted by the lovely @ResourcefulMom.

I invite you to connect with Master Lock to learn even more about the variety of products they offer.