From Bump To Baby: The Latest Product Line from NUK & Gerber {Review & Giveaway}

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When Kevin and I were getting married, one of the pre-wedding festivities that I looked forward to most was registering for all of the fun home products that we would need for life as newly-weds. We registered at multiple places – and the entire experience was SO much fun.

When I found out that I was pregnant {about 6 months after our wedding}, I was [again] excited about registering. I could hardly WAIT to find out the gender of our baby so that we could go to our favorite stores and start developing our registries of items that we would need for the new addition to our family.

I found that registering for baby is a completely different process than registering for a wedding. It is absolutely OVERWHELMING. To me, registering for our wedding was easy. We knew the style of how we wanted our bedroom, kitchen, and other parts of our house to be. So — collecting a “wish list” of items was relatively easy. Registering for baby was a whole different story. There are SO many different critical categories that must be covered… not to mention the hundreds of brands and thousands of products within each category.

Luckily — all of the stores that we registered at carried two specific brand names that Kevin and I are both familiar with and completely trust — Gerber and NUK!

I am SO excited about sharing the new line of products from Gerber and NUK with you here at Wee Share. I have broken down this review into the different sections/categories of products that Gerber and NUK offer. There are ALOT of new and exciting items and a very {very} exciting giveaway at the end of the review!!!

**Note – any information in all italics is straight from the Gerber and/or NUK website. My original thoughts and opinions are not in italics.**

Ever since I hit the end of my first trimester, I have been nesting. I clean {nearly constantly] each and every day. I am absolutely obsessed with making sure that my husband and I live in a healthy environment for ourselves and for our sweet little girl. The products that NUK offers for bottle cleaning are fantastic.


Kevin and I currently live in an apartment that does not have a dishwasher. The Bottle Brush and the Fast Dry Bottle Rack are going to be VITAL during our daughter’s first few months of life. In February, we are purchasing our very first house — that includes a dishwasher. I am counting down the days until washing dishes becomes easier — and I am looking forward to using the Dishwasher Basket from NUK!

Check out the products, prices, and descriptions for the new line of cleaning products at NUK!

NUK® is proud to introduce a brand new line of bottle cleaning products designed for busy moms. These new, innovative products feature new technologies to make cleaning baby items fast & easy. From bottle brushes and dishwasher baskets to innovative new bottle drying solutions, NUK® cleaning products can help simplify your cleaning experience to help free up time for busy moms.

NUK® No-Scratch Bottle Brush
MSRP: $5.97

Gentle yet effective cleaning, without scratching.
Grabs more residue than bristle brushes.
No-scratch cleaning can extend the life of bottles.

NUK® Bottle Drying Wand
MSRP: $5.97

Quickly dries up to 20 bottles per use
Super-absorbent, no-scratch chamois
Hourglass shape dries hard-to-reach places.

NUK® Fast-Dry Bottle Rack
MSRP: $24.97

Dries up to 10x faster than standard bottle racks
Cuts drying time from hours to minutes
Holds up to 8 bottles plus nipples and accessories.

NUK® Dishwasher Basket
MSRP: $5.97

30% more space than other dishwasher baskets
Flexibility to expand or contract in size.

As a first time mom, one of the scariest things about taking care of my sweet girl is the idea of breastfeeding. There are so many questions that go through my head every time I stop to give the process some thought. What makes this idea easier for me is the great breastfeeding products that NUK offers.

Check out the products, prices, and descriptions for the new line of breastfeeding products at NUK!

For over 55 years, NUK® products have been grounded in the shape of mom’s nipple while breastfeeding. Every NUK® product is expertly designed with mom and baby in mind so mom can feel confident she is choosing the right products to nurture her baby best. Behind the full assortment of NUK® breastfeeding products lies the science and expertise to offer safe and practical solutions to pump, store, feed and care.

NUK® Milk Bag Storage Rack
MSRP: $7.97

Slim and sleek stackable storage rack designed to fit most refrigerators and freezers
Features Gravity Fed System ensuring “first in, first out” storage.

NUK® Expressive Manual Breast Pump
MSRP: $29.97

Perfect for moms on-the-go who need to pump anywhere, anytime!
Ergonomic handle strategically designed to be closer to baby’s bottle for better comfort.

NUK® Seal n’ Go Breast Milk Bags
MSRP: $6.99

100% leak-proof double zipper seal
Superior oxygen barrier for freshness.

When we were registering, there were two main items that Kevin and I were overwhelmed with — bottles and pacifiers! There are SO many different brands on the market. I want the absolute best for my daughter in all aspects of her life. The NUK bottles are designed to promote oral development, mimic mom’s nipple shape, and have a unique air venting system. Not to mention — they are absolutely ADORABLE.

Check out the products, prices, and descriptions for the new line of bottles at NUK!

Only NUK® bottles have orthodontic nipples and a more advanced design to promote healthy oral development. Every nipple includes the NUK® Air System – a unique venting system – which helps reduce colic. Scientifically designed to mimic mom’s natural nipple shape, making baby’s transition from breast to bottle a seamless one. All NUK® bottles are BPA-free, and they feature trendy designs and interchangeable parts that make it simple to mix and match!

NUK® Advanced Orthodontic Bottle
MSRP: $12.97

Latest breakthrough in orthodontic nipples
Promotes healthy oral development
Glass-like, shatterproof bottle.


NUK® Animal Skins Orthodontic Bottle
MSRP: $5.59

NUK® orthodontic nipple to support healthy oral development
Fashionable animal print designs.

Okay — just LOOK at that pink and black zebra print bottle! How absolutely ADORABLE is that?! Although there are many elements of bottles that {I have learned} are more necessary than the physical appearance of it… HOW can you resist a bottle that has all of the benefits of the NUK bottles AND the “cuteness” of that?!

Check out the products, prices, and descriptions for the new line of learner cups at NUK!

Backed by over 55 years of developing products to foster happy, healthy smiles, NUK® Learner Cups are specifically developed to help your baby easily transition from a bottle or breast to a sippy cup. The spill-proof, soft spout is designed to be gentle on gums while teaching baby to drink from a spout. With specially designed easy-grip handles and vibrant, colorful designs, you and your little one will love NUK® Learner Cups.

NUK® 10oz Learner Cup
MSRP: $6.74

For children who need a larger learner cup but aren’t ready for a sippy cup

Fun, bold colors!

As I said before, bottles and pacifiers were the two categories that Kevin and I were most overwhelmed with while registering. I’ve already explained why the NUK bottles are wonderful — now check out the pacifiers! Two of the main “perks” of buying NUK pacifiers are how they promote oral development and that they are the shape of mom’s nipple.

I also want to say that one of my friends – who has two children – swears by the NUK pacifiers. She told me that her son and daughter would NOT take any pacifiers except the NUK pacifiers!


Check out the products, prices, and descriptions for the new line of pacifier products at NUK!

NUK® orthodontic pacifiers are designed to promote healthy oral development. NUK developed the original orthodontic pacifier based on the shape of Mom’s nipple more than 55 years ago. Today, NUK® offers a complete line of stylish, BPA-free pacifiers that promote healthy oral development while soothing and comforting your baby.

NUK® Advanced Newborn Orthodontic Pacifier
MSRP: $4.47

First-ever newborn pacifier to have a nipple sized just for newborns!
Soft texture shield is delicate on little one’s skin.

NUK® Advanced AirShield™ Orthodontic Pacifier
MSRP: $5.47

Unique shield design offers 3x the air circulation and reduces skin irritation
An innovative button pacifier that makes the puller less noticeable.

NUK® Tie-Dye Orthodontic Pacifier
MSRP: $5.29

Orthodontic nipple promotes healthy oral development
Natural-shape nipple mimics the shape of mom’s while breastfeeding.

My mom has always taught me how important it is to take care of your teeth. I am looking forward to passing along this information to my daughter — and what better way to do that than to use the NUK oral care products to get my little one started!

Check out the products, prices, and descriptions for the new line of oral care products at NUK!

Backed by extensive research on what pediatric dentists recommend most, we are proud to introduce an improved line of oral care products designed to aid in the healthy development of your child’s teeth and gums. This new line offers several options to help you keep your little one’s mouth clean – from products designed specifically for your newborn’s gums to products designed for your toddler’s developing teeth.

NUK® Infant Toothbrush

MSRP: $2.97

Patented three-sided shape hugs each tooth for easy, thorough cleaning
Ergonomically designed long handle enables parent and child to hold brush together

NUK® Toddler Toothbrush
MSRP: $2.97

Patented three-sided shape hugs each tooth for easy, thorough cleaning
Easy-grip handle is sized just right for toddler’s hands.

I am about 7 years older than my sister and about 11 years older than my brother. I specifically remember when they were toddlers and used sippy cups. They barely went anywhere without one tightly wrapped in their hand. However, back then I was never a fan of sippy cups because of the MESS they always made. For whatever reason, their sippy cups almost always leaked EVERYWHERE.

Now that [alot] of time has passed since my brother and sister were toddlers, I was pleasantly thrilled at the advances in sippy cup designs. The Gerber Graduates sippy cups are designed to be 100% spill proof and leak proof!

Check out the products, prices, and descriptions for the new line of cups from Gerber Graduates!

Gerber® Graduates® is proud to introduce a new system of advanced sippy cups to help ease the transition from bottle or breast to cup for your little one. The ergonomic handles combined with vibrant designs make each and every cup a special one. All cups are BPA-free and come in leading designs. They feature Seal Zone™ Technology which guarantees cups are 100% leak-proof, spill-proof, and break-proof. Gerber® Graduates® sippy cups promote safe and independent drinking and are created specifically to support your child’s age-specific development needs.

Gerber® Graduates® Advance Developmental Cups Soft Silicone Spout
MSRP: $4.97

Seal Zone™ Technology – 100% leak-proof, spill-proof, break-proof guaranteed
Angled handles – easier and more comfortable for child learning to drink
Unique transitional spout

Gerber® Graduates® Advance Developmental Cups Hard Spout
MSRP: $4.47

Seal Zone™ Technology – 100% leak-proof, spill-proof, break-proof guaranteed
Unique spout shape starts transition to regular cup
Bite-resistant spout

Gerber® Graduates® Advance Developmental Cups Insulated Cup-Like Rim
MSRP: $4.97

Seal Zone™ Technology – 100% leak-proof, spill-proof, break-proof guaranteed
Unique “U-Shaped” rim design teaches child to drink from a regular cup
Bite-resistant rim

Gerber® Graduates® Advance Developmental Cups Easy Straw
MSRP: $5.47

Seal Zone™ Technology – 100% leak-proof, spill-proof, break-proof guaranteed
Unique straw shape encourages healthy oral development
Insulated to keep drinks cool longer

The Gerber Graduates tableware makes it super easy to bring snacks on-the-go. I think this is wonderful because babies and toddlers often get hungry many times throughout the day. Being able to quickly and easily pull a snack out of the diaper bag is very important!

Check out the products, prices, and descriptions for the new line of tableware products from Gerber Graduates!

Gerber® has been trusted at baby’s table for more than 80 years. Today, Gerber® Graduates® offers a full line of BPA-free tableware that helps parents teach toddlers how to feed independently which fosters independence and self feeding. Gerber® Graduates® utensils and tableware are designed with little hands in mind. The bowls and plates are thoughtfully engineered to meet the development skill level of your little one.

Gerber® Graduates® Toddler Snacker
MSRP: $7.97

Set of three interlocking containers with lids are perfectly sized for toddler snacks
100% spill-proof containers fit most cup holders
Perfect for parents on the go!

Gerber® Graduates® PlateMat™
MSRP: $7.47

Use as a plate or as a placemat
A safe, clean eating surface anytime, anywhere
Rolls up for on the go but always lays flat

Each and every product that I had the opportunity to try out for the purposes of this review are absolutely incredible. NUK and Gerber offer high quality and affordable baby products that will benefit your child in many different ways. I cannot WAIT until October when I get to use these products for the nurturing of my sweet baby girl.

I am SO excited to announce that the very kind people over at NUK & Gerber have agreed to host a giveaway here at Wee Share! One lucky person (US ONLY) will have the chance to win the entire new product line from Gerber and NUK {Pictured Above}! This is a huge prize pack bundle – over $150 in merchandise! Enter to win!!

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    I love Gerber products. How can you not when so many generations have been raised using them!? My daughters fav was the sippy cups. I love the plates and the silverware.

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