From Bump To Baby: Riley Roos {Review}

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Okay, I have a confession to make…

I am [obsessed] with clothes, shoes, & accessories for my baby girl.

I am having so much fun finding sweet and adorable outfits for my princess to wear once she gets here. However — I am also concerned with the functionality of all these adorable clothes. I want her to look adorable… but more than anything, I want her to feel cozy, comfortable, and supported in her outfits.

I came across Riley Roos a few years ago when Raileigh was just a little tot. I was immediately drawn to the company because of the stylish shoes that they sell. But let’s be honest — I am Raileigh’s aunt. It is my job to spoil her rotten and find visually appealing and fun things to give her. I was not focused on comfort or functionality. {I mean… I’m the aunt who gives Raileigh cookies for breakfast when she stays at my house… which she LOVES.} As an aunt, I loved Riley Roos because of how adorable and fun the shoes are!

As a mom… my outlook has completely changed! {And now it’s Desi’s turn to spoil Brooklynn with all sorts of fun and visually appealing things ;)… and I suppose give her cookies for breakfast. Which I’m sure she will LOVE. }

As a mom, here is why I am drawn to Riley Roos: (As taken from the Riley Roos Website)

We designed the line to imitate barefoot walking and to protect little feet. The sole of a Rileyroos shoe is flexible and its rubber-padded sole curls above the toes to provide leverage as a child begins crawling. Unlike many heavy or bulky first walking shoes, Rileyroos’ lightweight construction and protective bottoms support a child’s foot as he or she starts walking and provides traction to prevent falls on slippery surfaces.

The Riley Roos shoes are so functional for little feet. I LOVE that my sweet Brooklynn will be able to look adorable -and- work on her crawling and walking comfortably and safely in her new yellow shoes.

Riley Roo Collage

Allyson in Sunflower – $36.00

(As taken from the Riley Roos Website)

Allyson, our strappy sandal with a floral accent on top is perfect for any summer outfit. Just the right amount of protection and comfort is offered to meet new walkers need all seasons of the year, with lots of area for feet to breath during the dog days of summer. The uppers and bottoms are crafted of soft leather with accent colored stitching. Designed to imitate barefoot walking, these shoes have a flexible leather sole with rubber padding and a closed toe area to protect little feet. The sole curls above little toes to provide leverage as little ones make their natural gravitation from sitting to crawling to walking.

  • Handcrafted from high quality, durable leather uppers
  • Super soft and lightweight
  • Padded leather collars for added comfort
  • Velcro closure for secure fit and easy on and off
  • Leather linings for breathability
  • Flexible and form-fitting leather outsoles with rubber padding

As SOON as I saw these adorable shoes — I knew the exact outfit that I wanted to pair them with. The sweet little nautical onesie and lacy skirt {that my sister picked out} will look beyond perfect with these shoes.

I love the pair of Riley Roos that I have for sweet baby Brooklynn. However – this style is not the only one that I find incredible! Head on over to the Riley Roos website and check out the selection of shoes that they offer for little ones — I know you will love them, too {whether you’re an aunt or a mom!}.

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