Exciting Things to Come at Wee Share

Well… I have been thinking of changing things up here for quite a long time.  I’ve developed ideas and even sketched them out, but that’s as far as it went.

I have definitely been a little scared.  Though I knew a change at Wee Share would be good and exciting, it’s still a little nerve wracking.  Learning a new system, getting used to a new look and a new way of doing things can be overwhelming.  Yes… I can be a big wimp about these things…

Anyhow, the current Wee Share that you know and love has been here for about 3 years.  About 6 months after starting this site all by my lonesome, I hired someone to get rid of the blogspot address and freshen up the look.  After all, I had pretty much zero idea what I was doing when Wee Share started.

It has served us well.  But… it is three years old.  Slowly, things have started to break or not work as well {ex. those cute little social media icons that used to be at the bottom of each post are now boring old hyperlinked words}.  Plus, new advances and trends in technology have made portions of Wee Share look slightly outdated.

So… I decided to take the plunge and give Wee Share an overhaul.

It is not without help, though.

The amazing Kayla of Kayla Aimee has offered to walk me through the switch to WordPress {yes… we have been hosted on blogger all this time} and help to freshen things up around here.

I could not be more thankful or more thrilled.  I am glad to have a hand in the switch so that when things do go wrong, I will know how to fix them.  I have also been doing some designing behind the scenes.  So, now when I get the itch to switch up the look, I will be able to!

This is all coming to you very soon… as in tomorrow!  I have no idea how long the switch over to WordPress will take or how long it will take to start getting the new design up and running.

You can count on Wee Share being down for at least a portion of tomorrow and potentially longer.  I will keep you all updated on twitter and Facebook.  Hopefully we will be up and running again tomorrow night {fingers crossed!}.

I really hope you like the new look of Wee Share.  Because after all— without each and every one of you, it would not be possible.


    • Desi says:

      well… I am glad it looked smooth because it really wasn’t on our end! Let me know if you see anything not working and we will get it fixed!

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