Encouraging Healthy Orial Hygiene Habits with Orbit for Kids {Review}

Orbit for Kids Healthy Oral Hygiene habits

Do you have those necessary tasks that you must do in life but you just absolutely dread them?

For me, one of those things in brushing Raileigh’s teeth.

Raileigh will be five in just a few months, but she isn’t quite ready to be left to brush on her own.  She has the basics of brushing, but sometimes she doesn’t quite reach all of those teeth in the back.  Plus, she absolutely despises brushing.

When Raileigh was really young, brushing was a lot of fun.  We went in the bathroom together and I would gently brush those sweet little pearly whites.  As she grew, I began teaching her the proper way to brush on her own.  We would each take a turn brushing.  I would brush to ensure that the teeth were actually getting clean, and she would brush so that she could practice and learn.

Then, slowly over time, brushing became less enjoyable and much more like a chore.  Raileigh began to try and craft excuses as to why she shouldn’t have to brush, her favorite being “I’m too tired”.  However, instilling good oral hygiene habits in my child is essential to help ensure that she takes good care of her teeth throughout life.

That’s why I am so excited about Orbit for Kids.

Orbit for Kids Sugarfree Gum is an EASY and FUN way to help protect a child’s teeth in between brushings.  This awesome new product has just started showing up in stores around the country and is currently available in two flavors– Original Bubblegum and Strawberry Banana.

So, why is Orbit for Kids actually good for your child’s teeth?

The benefits of chewing sugarfree gum such as Orbit for Kids include cleaning the mouth of food debris, as well as the stimulation of saliva flow.  This helps to protect the teeth by reducing plaque acids and strengthening teeth.

Orbit Gift Pack

Let me just say– getting my child to chew a piece of Orbit for Kids is nothing like getting her to brush her teeth.  She really likes the taste of the strawberry banana flavor and actually wants to chew the gum.  This is such a welcome change for me.  Chewing Orbit for Kids is a great complement to brushing and I want her to keep asking for them gum!

Now… as for brushing and flossing, I am working on ways to make the experience better for both of us.  There are some things that seem to help.  However, it is definitely an ongoing process:

  • Use a fun brush that she likes.  There are so many brushes with favorite characters on them, and I will admit that these are the ones we usually buy.  There is something about a princess or a fairy smiling up from the toothbrush that makes them more fun to use.
  • Sing a song! I am quite good at making up the silliest, most ridiculous songs.  Often times, I will sing something I have made up while she brushes.  This takes her mind off of brushing and also sets a timer of sorts as to how long she needs to brush for.
  • Brush BEFORE storytime. By doing this, Raileigh knows there is something fun coming if she will just finish taking care of her teeth.  If we save brushing until after books, she is more likely to complain and invent excuses.
orbit gum

Perhaps the best thing I have done, though, is explain to Raileigh what happens to her teeth if she doesn’t brush.  I have told her about cavities and plaque and all the other gross and awful things that result from poor oral hygiene.  She’s a smart girl– she doesn’t want rotten, germ-filled teeth!

What tips do you have for helping to instill good oral hygiene habits in your children?

Make sure to connect with Orbit for Kids for creative ways to make oral care more fun.