Dragons: Riders of Berk {Preview, Giveaway, + LOTS of Goodies}

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Dragons: Riders of Berk Volume 1 {Episodes 1-11}

Dragons: Riders of Berk Volume 2 {Episodes 12-20}

Released to DVD: July 23, 2013

Based on the DreamWorks Animation Academy Award®-nominated hit movie How to Train Your Dragon, the series features original voice talent from the film including Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Zack Pearlman, and more.

Fans that purchase the DVD will be able to unlock exclusive content in DreamWorks’ School of Dragons, the all-new game from JumpStart based on DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon franchise. The game will be available online July 17, and the mobile version will follow shortly thereafter.  Each DVD comes with a code to unlock an ultimate battle pack – and in select DVDs an exclusive Whispering Death or Thunderdrum dragon – for the DreamWorks’ School of Dragons game. School of Dragons lets players enter the world of Berk, where Hiccup, Toothless and other friends help players become the finest dragon trainers around.  With cinema-like graphics and an immersive 3D world, it takes more than courage to train a dragon, but brains as well.


DVD Bonus Features Include:

  • World of DreamWorks
  • Dragon Tracker Part 1
  • Evolution of Thunderdrum
  • “Heavy Metal” Dragon Mash-Up
  • Sneak Peeks

We recently obtained our very own copies of Dragons: Riders of Berk Volume 1 and Volume 2.  My daughter insisted that we stop everything and we were doing the moment these DVD’s were delivered to our door.

I honestly wasn’t sure if she was actually going to like Dragons: Riders of Berk.  I have always thought it to be more of a “boyish show” and my little one tends to go for things that have ruffles and frills and princesses.  However, she proved me wrong {of course} and wound up really, really liking the show.  The elements of fantasy and the incredible animation that goes into each of the dragons is pretty incredible.  Astrid is her favorite character, and I think that having a girl as one of the main characters in the show helps to draw her in even more.

We aren’t even through all of the episodes on the DVD and she is already asking me when we can get more of them!  Thankfully,the new second season of DreamWorks’ Dragons: Defenders of Berk returns this Fall on Cartoon Network.

While we enjoy this new DVD release and wait for more episodes to air soon, we’ve been enjoying some fun dragon-related activities and learning.  They’re pretty awesome, so I wanted to make sure and share them with all of you as well.

First, we have the Kids’ Guide to Vikings.  Before reading this, Raileigh knew a little about Viking life from Astrid and Hiccup.  However, this guide is full of information about vikings– from their clothes to their homes to what they ate.  I love that we can take a television show that would generally just be entertainment and turn it into something really educational.

Additionally, I have these super awesome, cannot miss Dragon Trainer badges.  I thought they would be a fun addition to our ever-expanding collection of costumes and other dress-up items, so we printed them out on cardstock to use as accessories when we play.  Simply print the badges out, cut around the edges, add a safety pin or some other fastener, and you can make some as well in a matter of minutes.

You can also simply enjoy them online.  Add your favorite badge {Toothless!} as an avatar on social media, an icon on the sidebar of your blog, or anywhere else you’d like to celebrate the release of Dragons: Riders of Berk.


Are you a Dragons fan, too?

Because… I am also very excited to announce that we are hosting a Dragons: Riders of Berk giveaway here at Wee Share.  One incredibly lucky winner is going to receive a copy of Dragons: Riders of Berk Volume 1 AND Volume 2!

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