TURBO Movie Storybook Deluxe App {Review}

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Since we enjoyed the TURBO movie so very much, I was excited to hear that one of our favorite app developers created an app all about TURBO!

Introducing the TURBO Movie Storybook Deluxe App from iStoryTime.

This interactive storybook lets users be a part of the story and brings the film to life long after the final credits roll in the theater.

Just in case you haven’t seen the movie yet, here is a brief synopsis of the plot:

Turbo has big dreams of becoming a race car driver like his hero, Guy Gagné, but his brother Chet doesn’t understand his need for speed. Turbo believes that no dreams are too big and no dreamer too small. Will Turbo make his dreams come true and race in the Indy 500? Join Turbo, Chet, Tito, Whiplash, Smoove Move, Burn, and colorful cast of characters to find out if Turbo can cross the finish line!


Let’s start with the storybook portion of the app.  It features three modes of narration:

  • Read to Me- text is read aloud to child and the child turns the pages
  • Read Myself- child reads text and turns the pages
  • Auto Play- text is read aloud to child and pages are turned for the child

Though Raileigh is a very proficient reader, she tends to enjoy the Auto Play option on the story.  I do have to admit– it’s really nice to have someone read aloud to you, especially when you’re young.  However, it’s easy for her to follow along because the text on each screen is highlighted as it’s read.

One of my favorite things about the storybook is that is stays very true to the film.  They actually used real character audio and pictures direct from the TURBO movie.  It was fun for Raileigh to relive her favorite parts and listen to the characters all over again!

This is called a Storybook Deluxe for a reason.  It’s so much more than just a book.  In addition to being able to read the story of Turbo in book form, you can watch actual movie clips within the app.  It was fun to see some of our very favorite movie moments and know that we can easily pull them up and watch whenever we would like.


As much as we enjoyed the book and the movies, hands down, our favorite part of the app is the Turbo-ize activity.  You actually get to give Turbo’s shell a custom paint job!  In the movie, they create Turbo’s shell art using nail polish.  In the app, you get to choose from designs like Dos Bros Tacos and Garden Snail.

We’ve had so much fun with the TURBO Movie Storybook Deluxe App from iStoryTime.  It’s impeccably well done, just as all the other apps we own from iStoryTime.  I look forward to many more hours of enjoyment, as this is one app we won’t get tired of any time soon!

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