College Project: Self Portrait

This summer semester is my very LAST semester as an Early Childhood Education major before student teaching. On our first day of our creativity class, we were given an assignment to create a self-portait of ourselves. We were given no guidelines — only to use our creativity to represent who we are.

Before I get into my “Self-Portrait”, I want to briefly explain why and how my portrait ended up on Wee Share. This was not my very first idea. The very FIRST project that popped into my head was to create a quilt with photos of all the things that make me who I am. However, we were given this project on Thursday night and it is due Tuesday night. For those of you who quilt… you know that is simply not enough time to complete it.

My second idea was to take a quilt that I had already made and use quilting pins to “pin” photos on to the quilt. But…. that turned into being a flop. The photos would easily get messed up and fall off. I also did not have enough room on the quilt that I chose to represent as many things as I had wanted to include.

That is when I decided that Wee Share would be the PERFECT way for me to do this project. I chose this outlet because Wee Share is a very large part of my life. So, what better way to present my self-portrait than to use a medium that would be included in the project anyways?!

The Lord is my first love. Jesus Christ is my Savior and I would NOT be who I am and where I am without Him. I love to read my Bible every day. I also teach the Kindergarten Children’s Church on Sunday mornings at my church – which I love! There are times that my sweet little ones teach me more about Christ’s love through their child-like eyes than I would have ever expected!

That’s Me!

Check out that handsome fella! That is my sweet and handsome husband. I met him at college in 2009. I knew from the very moment that I saw him that I would marry him one day.

Here is my husband and I on our wedding day – July 27, 2012! It was the absolutely most perfect day of my life. Many of you Wee Share readers were able to follow along with every single step of our wedding through the 2012 Wedding Event that was hosted here!

We got married in July 2012… and we are expecting our little princess in October 2013!!! We are SO very excited about welcoming her into the world. Currently on the blog, I am hosting the “From Bump To Baby” event!!!

These two lovely people are my parents. They are my rocks – I would NOT be who I am today without them. My daddy is a PGA Golf Professional and my mom is the most talented and creative person that I know! They are both wonderful people and role models for Kevin and I! –They just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary!!!

This is my sweet little sister. She is one of the most naturally beautiful people that I have ever known – inside and out! Ashley is extremely smart (currently 2nd in her class!!) and a year-round (very talented) tennis player. She is also EXTREMELY creative and talented. Even though I am almost 7 years older than her, she is one of my very best friends!

LOOK at that cute little face! This is my sweet baby brother, Ryan. I am almost 11 years older than him. Even though we are so far apart in age… he is my little twin! There are pictures of us when we are little that you can hardly tell us apart! I love this little guy so much! He is a wonderful golfer and has his eyes set on the PGA Tour one day!

THIS is my sweet Zax. He got his name from his obsession with Zaxby’s chicken tenders! We got him from the humane society in 2011. I have never loved an animal as much as I love Zax. He is full of personality and is usually the star of my Instagram!

Many of the readers here at Wee Share will recognize that sweet little blonde princess on the left. This is a picture of my husband, Kevin, with our niece Raileigh. Ever since I met Raileigh (when she was just 6 months old), she has had my heart. She can get just about ANYTHING she wants from her Aunt Ang. She is also SO excited about getting a brand new cousin in October!

As you can tell (from all the pictures above), family means alot to me. I was born into a very LARGE family (pictured above). My dad’s parents have 4 boys and 2 girls – 6 children total! All of their kids are married and have children. When my daughter is born in October, she will be my grandparents’ SIXTH great-grandchild!

I have been taught since I was a little girl that family is most important. The love I have for all of my family members is unlike anything else!

Golf is a very big part of my and my familys’ lives. My dad is a PGA golf professional, my brother plays golf, and my father-in-law works for a golf cart company. SO — it’s safe to say that I have been (and will be) around this game for the entire duration of my life. I really enjoy watching golf and going to tournaments.

Other than my Dad and brother… Tiger Woods is by far my favorite golfer!

Right before Kevin and I got married, I opened an Etsy shop. I named it Designing Tomorrow because I believe that each and every decision that we make “designs” our “tomorrows”. This Etsy shop is a HUGE part of my life. I am currently a stay-at-home wife/mommy-to-be. However, running my business takes up the majority of my time. I love every single second of it!

One of my very most favorite things to do is quilt. [Pictured above] is my first t-shirt quilt that I did. I have made MANY more since this and I often sell them in my Etsy shop and to local clients.

One of my other favorite things to do is bake cakes and make cake balls. Although this is not something I would just randomly choose to do while being at my house, it is special to me because it is something that I do with my mom and sister. We often have cake, cupcake, and cakeball orders that we have to work together to get completed and delivered. Each of us has a special role in the process. It is SO much fun because – although we are working to finish a product for a client – we get to bond and spend time together while we are doing it.

I also love to crochet! I haven’t crocheted in a while because of the overload of Etsy orders I have been getting lately (which is SUCH a blessing — keep it up people!). However, when I get too big to quilt (in those last few weeks of pregnancy), I plan on catching up on my crocheting.

Necklaces are the main item that I sell in my Etsy shop. I absolutely LOVE making personalized jewelry.

So, of course there a lot more things about me that are not included in this self-portrait. However, these are the basics!