A Wonderful Alternative to Silver — Stainless Steel Pendants! New to Designing Tomorrow!

I am SO excited to announce the BRAND NEW line of products that are coming to my shop! But first — I want to tell you how LONG I have been waiting to get these products! I ordered the products that I needed from StampingBlanks.com at the beginning of June. Rob, from stampingblanks.com, sent out my package and it was supposed to be delivered only about 3 days after I placed my order (He has super quick shipping).

There was an accidental switch up with my husband and my address during this time. It was fixed quickly — which means I should get my package pretty fast after that, right? Well — after complaining and arguing very impatiently about the whereabouts of my package…  the fine people over at USPS told me that they accidentally forgot to inform my mail carrier that my husband and I actually DID live at our house! SO — almost ONE MONTH later (and my package getting sent ALL over the nation), I finally received it!

Although I wish I had gotten my package 3 days after ordering it from stampingblanks.com and the anticipation nearly KILLING me… it was TOTALLY worth it to finally get the products!!! So — now I am here to tell y’all ALL about the new pendants that are {already} being put in my shop!

Stainless Steel
What is so special about Stainless Steel Pendants?
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Rust-Free
  • Tarnish-Free
  • Perfectly shiny
  • A more affordable alternative to sterling silver (and in my personal opinion, prettier!)
In my shop, I have been selling silver plated nickel pendants. Although these are GREAT and extremely affordable to anyone who is NOT allergic to nickel — it can cause some annoying skin issues to those who are allergic to nickel. Silver plated nickel also easily RUSTS and TARNISHES at the sight of moisture. I absolutely LOVE that the stainless steel pendants are designed not to rust and tarnish. Think about it: you may have a stainless steel sink or other appliance in your kitchen — has that ever rusted or tarnished? NO! That’s because it is designed to stay beautiful for it’s entire life!
I have worked with sterling silver in my shop a few times. I will be honest — I absolutely dread when a client asks me for a special order of sterling silver. WHY? Because although sterling silver is known as “top notch” in the silver world — it will still tarnish, rust, AND it’s hard to work with.
When I have used the sterling silver pendants to make metal stamped necklaces for clients — it bends TOO easily and makes the piece of jewelry look as though it has waves in it. Not to mention — sterling silver is EXTREMELY expensive!
The Stainless Steel pendants are easy to work with and they are highly affordable! My prices for my stainless steel will only rise slightly!
In my shop, I am going to continue selling the nickel plated silver pendants. I have created a “Metal Stamped Jewelry” Section in my shop and a “Stainless Steel Jewelry” section. That way, those of you who do not mind nickel plated silver pendants can still purchase those items.
I have one new necklace up and listed in my shop already (pictured above). There will be many many more new listings within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!!

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