Torn Paper Mosaic with Exciting New NATURAL Products from Elmer’s! {Tutorial}

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Elmer’s. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Creating has always been something that I enjoy.  No medium is safe– paper, fabric, and everything in between can bring me joy when I turn them into something new.

My passion for creating was amplified when I found out I was expecting my beautiful daughter.  I created little clothes for her to wear as well as things to decorate her nursery with.  And– it didn’t stop when she was born.  I began to hone my skills and create things I was truly proud of.

The best part was when she got old enough to create right alongside me.  No– I don’t have her operating the sewing machine just yet, though she expresses interest in learning almost daily!  However, we have spent hours together, creating a variety of things.  Some turn out just as I envisioned, while others are a complete bust in the end.

Crafting with her has taught me something, though– the process and the journey is often more important than the final outcome.  She never seems to mind how our little craft adventures turn out.  She just enjoys the time we spend together and learning new things as we try out new mediums and projects.

That’s why I was so excited to introduce her to a new crafting product I recently found out about– Elmer’s Naturals.  I’m certain that you’re familiar with Elmer’s, a name that is synonymous with glue.  However, the well-known school glue company recently released a line of Natural products they are dubbing Elmer’s Naturals.

Elmer’s Naturals is currently available in two forms– a school glue stick {available in two sizes} and a school glue bottle.

But… I am sure you are wondering what makes these new products “natural”.

The Elmer’s Naturals School Glue in a bottle is actually made from over 99% natural ingredients. It is made from plants, a rapidly renewable resource, and is just as safe and non-toxic as Elmer’s School Glue. In addition, the bottle is made from 25% post-consumer recycled plastic with a label made from 20% recycled paper. The label is printed with soy inks and is adhered with a natural rubber adhesive.

The glue sticks are comprised of glue made from over 88% natural ingredients! Elmer’s Naturals School Glue Sticks are made from plants as well, and just as with the bottled glue, the glue stick containers are made from 25% post-industrial recycled plastic with a label made from FSC certified paper and printed with soy inks.

Of course, it’s never hard to find a fun reason to use glue!  However, I decided to create a new activity to do with Raileigh in order to test out the new glue.

We had a fabulous time together creating our new project.  So, I have included instructions below in case you’d like to do this activity with your own children.

Torn Paper Collage

Supplies Needed:


This may be an activity you remember doing in your school art class at some point.  I vividly remember creating a torn construction paper collage of a snowman some time during elementary school.  However, this is an activity I have never done with Raileigh.  Since it requires lots of glue, I figured it was the perfect time to do it!

Decide what type pf picture you want to make and what colors will go into creating it.  We decided to make a heart– multicolor, of course.  We chose a color for our background and the colors we wanted to go into our heart.  Then, we began to tear the colors for the heart into small pieces that resembled squares.  They don’t need to be perfect, and how big or small you make them is up to you.

Now, older kids can probably visualize the end design, but Raileigh is a perfectionist and I knew it would frustrate her to try and create a heart shape as she glued her pieces down.  So, I drew a faint heart shape with a pencil so she could use it as a guide when creating her masterpiece.

Then, it’s time to glue away!  Use the torn pieces you have and glue them to your paper in the shape you drew or just envisioned.  You can do one shape like we did or create an entire scene. The beauty of this project is that possibilities are virtually endless.  You can create any image using this technique and it’s perfect for the youngest or older artists to do.

Note– your Elmer’s Naturals Glue may vary in color but it should always dry clear.

I also want to bring the Elmer’s “Pin to Win” Sweepstakes to your attention.  This is a fun contest using one of my favorite social media platforms- Pinterest.  You’ll need to follow ElmersProducts and create a board titled “Natural Pin & Win with Elmer’s”.  Follow the instructions in the graphic above and pin certain things to your board.  Simple, fun, and easy!  After submitting your board to the Elmer’s Facebook page, you’ll be eligible to win some amazing prizes!

We are smitten with the Elmer’s Naturals Glue Sticks as well as the bottled glue.  It’s nice to know that Elmer’s is not only thinking about our children now, but also the future they will inherit by using renewable resources in their products.

Connect with Elmer’s to find out about any more innovative products they introduce.