The New [Furry] Addition to Our Family

[Pictured Above: Zax and Kevin]
Around Thanksgiving time in 2011 my family and I went to the Humane Society in Gainesville, Georgia and adopted the most ADORABLE kitty ever. He completely stole our hearts from the moment that we laid our eyes on him. If you do not know this, Kevin and I are cat people. We LOVE cats. Well, we love OUR cat. 

We named the kitty Zax. You may be thinking, “That’s a strange name”… well… yes it is. However, Zax got his name from the night that Kevin and I were eating Zaxbys at my parent’s house. We were stumped on what to call him. When Kevin looked away from his Zaxbys for a split second… our brand new kitty came and devoured one of his chicken tenders. So — he got the name Zax. 

Zax has been an absolutely WONDERFUL kitty and we love him as if he was a human child. However, when we found out we actually had a real human child on the way… we became concerned about how Zax would handle it. You see, our baby Zax loves to snuggle. He wraps himself around our faces to get as close as possible to us. This brought concern for us when we began thinking about how he would get along with our brand new baby girl. 
My thought was, “What if he tries to snuggle with her and suffocates her?”
Well – many people would not have to worry about this because they have plenty of rooms to put a newborn. However, we live in a one bedroom apartment and our baby girl will not have a nursery until we move into our house in February. So, the only solution that we were comfortable with was shutting our door at night and locking Zax out. 
Although our baby girl will ALWAYS come before our cat, it still made me sad to think that my sweet kitty would be shut out and all alone at night. 

Meet Misty!
My father-in-law is a cat person, too. He feeds all the neighborhood strays on his front porch. This little black cat was one of the strays that came up to eat. She absolutely stole his heart. She is sweet and purrs ALL the time. He took her to the vet and had her checked out. She had a perfect bill of health (surprisingly). My father-in-law asked Kevin and I if we would take in this cat. 
After Kevin and I talked it over, we decided to take her in. I am not a fan of adopting adult [stray] cats. I tend to not make a connection with them and their indoor cat skills take alot of work. However, because of the new baby coming in October, we decided that this would be a good move. Our reasoning is that if Zax and Misty can end up getting along, Zax won’t be lonely when we lock him out to keep our baby girl safe. Now he has a companion! 

(Pictured above) is the MAJOR progress that the kitties made in their first week living together. Please ignore the messy bed – I brought all the clothes in to our room to put them away and make our bed when I found them like this. I had to snap a picture before they realized they were sleeping close to each other! 

This transition has been relatively painless. Misty is a really sweet cat and [very] quickly stole Kevin’s heart. She does NOT like Zax yet — but he tries very hard to get her attention.
She also eats ALOT of food. The picture [above] is of Zax eating our chicken leftovers. One night, we gave both of them their own cans of cat food. Misty basically inhaled hers, and then bumped Zax out of the way to eat his. Although he has to toughen up, he looked so sad that night. So, we gave him some of our leftovers so that he could have a nice treat. 
Hopefully they will bond soon and get along well enough to keep each other company when baby girl gets here. We shall see!! 
Do y’all have furry family members? I’d love to hear about them!