My Recent Thread Crisis – Has This Ever Happened To You?

Recently, I completed a T-Shirt quilt for a customer. I used the same brands of fabric, backing, batting, and thread as I ALWAYS use. I always pre-wash everything that I can to prevent any kind of color bleeding on the quilt. Before I give the quilt to the customer, I wash, dry, and lint roll the quilt to make it in pristine condition. The quilt looked phenomenal prior to putting it in the washer. 
SO – I put this quilt in the washer. After the wash cycle was completed, I took it out and put it in the dryer. Before I started the dryer, something strange caught my eye. I looked at the quilt and nothing wrong popped out at me. After about 10 minutes in the dryer, I felt really uneasy – like something was terribly wrong. I decided to go back and check the quilt one more time. I was HORRIFIED at what I found. 
I took the quilt out of the dryer and found THIS {pictured above}! I was mortified. The red Gutterman thread that I used on the quilt BLED EVERYWHERE! The very LAST thing I was worried about bleeding all over my quilt was the thread. I have made many (many) quilts and have used a variety of different color threads – all made by Gutterman – and this has NEVER happened. 

So, the first thing I did was FREAKED OUT. I started basically hysterically crying and my husband thought someone had died or something. Remember, I’m pregnant… so all of my emotions are multiplied by a gazillion right now. I called my mom and hysterically started telling her what happened and wanting to know HOW IN THE WORLD I could fix it! 
My mom and husband stayed super calm while I freaked out. My mom told me to immediately put it back in the washer and keep washing it over and over again. Meanwhile, I went to the store and purchased Oxyclean and Shout Color Catcher with the hopes that it would fix the problem. 

After about 5 wash cycles, the quilt was saved! The color catcher came out BRIGHT red and the horrible red bleeding that the thread had done all over the quilt had been [thankfully] washed out. All the t-shirts looked perfect again. 

My question to all of you crafty Wee Share readers is Has this ever happened to you? If so, what did you do abut it? Did your quilt/project get saved or did it turn into a disaster?

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