DIY Reusable Cloth Wipes {tutorial}

Right after we decided to start cloth diapering, the idea of reusable wipes came up in conversation.  I was pretty resistant at first.  But I decided to give them a try.  After several attempts drafts, I finally found the combination and size that work best for us.

I tried one side fleece, one side flannel as many other cloth moms recommended.  But my favorite ended up being double sided flannel.  What’s even better, is that I have tons of old flannel receiving blankets from when Anakin was a baby, so I just paired up coordinating colors and cut accordingly.  This way I’m doubly environmentally and budget conscious.  I’ve also found that 7×7 is my favorite size.  Not too big.  Not too little.  Just right.  But you can cut them whatever size you like best.  Also, if you want to be mindful of your fabric and make sure you don’t waste it, you can cut according to whatever divides your fabric the best, too.  Lastly, I surge mine.  I’m so glad Desi talked me into investing in a good serger a few years ago.  But I’ve seen plenty of other people who turn them inside out and do a top stitch.  As I always say, just do whatever you are comfortable with.

There are a few reasons I really liked the size of the 7×7.  I like the way it fits in my hand, but the best thing about this size is that it fits perfectly into a standard wipes container.  And if you fold them this way, they even come out correctly just like the disposables.  This is much cheaper than using disposables and in the end, much easier when you are doing diaper laundry.

Take the first wipe and lay it flat.

Take the second wipe, and lay it flat so it overlaps half of the first wipe.

Now take the first wipe and fold it in half so the second wipe is kind of sandwiched into the first wipe.

Take a third wipe and repeat the process in the opposite direction.  Lay it on top so it overlaps and then fold it over.

Repeat the process till you have all your wipes folded.  (I keep about 12 clean.)

Set the pile in the container, then push the top wipe up through the opening in the lid.

And ta-da!  It works!!

It feels like a lot of work the first time but then once you have a rhythm down, it’s no more difficult than folding and stuffing your diapers.  Using them is also upto you.  Some people moisten the cloths ahead of time, and some people use a spray bottle.  You can use plain water, or use a watered down baby soap and baby oil mixture.  As always, do whatever you’re comfortable with.

Happy clothing!