We’re Coming Home

Before I got married to my husband, I had lived at the same address my entire life.

I have sure made up for that in the past {almost} nine years. 

Including our initial move when we were married, we have moved SIX times, living in a total of five residences. 

Next month, we are going to up that total to seven.  That’s right– we are moving once again.

This is our second time living in Summerville, and it truly is a beautiful area.  It’s about 15 miles outside of Charleston, and not too much further to several beaches.  Nowhere exudes southern charm like Charleston does, and we have made some lovely memories here.

However, absolutely nothing replaces amazing family and friends, and that’s something we have really missed while being here.

On May 18, we will pack and up and return to the place that I have always considered home– Georgia. 

Darren was offered and accepted a position just Northeast of Atlanta.  We’ll be about an hour from our family, which is much more manageable than the five hour trek we’re making now. 

We are beyond thrilled to be returning to Georgia, in what will hopefully be the last move we make for quite a while. 

Thank you for all of your continued support, and I look forward to sharing our Georgia adventures with all of you in the coming months.