Toy State Cars {Review}

Disclosure:  I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I received a complimentary item for the purposes of this review.  All opinions are my own.

You may not know exactly who they are, but chances are, if you have boys, you have one or more of their products in your house.  Toy State is the industry leader in light and sound vehicle toys.  With partners like Ford, CAT, Dodge, and many others, Toy State offers bigger-than-life toys for children everywhere.

We had the awesome opportunity to try out two of their cars this week.  I was super excited about the new 007 Series and maybe geeked out a little bit when my Anakin’s skyfall car came in.  It has three buttons on the top to activate different features.  The first activates its motorized ability and it will drive by itself for about 3 feet or so (on our hardwoods anyway) then stop complete with headlights, brake lights, and engine and brake sound effects.  The second button plays the bond theme song and lights the car up with the rhythm of the music.  The last button is used just for honking.  Anakin liked it a lot.

The other toy we got to play with was the light, sound, and music hatchback.  This one was a surprise to me.  From the outside, it just looks like a regular car.  But the hatchback rotates so that each time you open it, a different set of speakers pops out and a different song plays.  This one was Jude’s favorite.  He loved dancing to all of the songs.

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