My New Verizon Device– BlackBerry Z10

Phones.  Something that I once just deemed a necessary evil has now became something I actually enjoy.  Perhaps that’s because most phones are so much more than just a phone.

It’s pretty odd, really.  When you begin shopping for a new phone, chances are that the “must have” features you desire in your new device actually have nothing to do with making a call.  I have to admit, though– it’s pretty amazing to have a camera, gaming system, audio library, a phone, and more wrapped up into one compact device.

Recently, I switched out my trusted Android for a new-to-me type of phone– a BlackBerry.

Though the BlackBerry Z10 is a far cry from how I tend to picture a BlackBerry, it’s still a whole new world for me.  However, I can already see many ways in which I am going to use and enjoy this phone.

What to know more about it?

The BlackBerry Z10 helps you get more done for work and play. Flow seamlessly between conversations and tasks by peeking at your inbox without closing the app you’re using. Spread the word with BlackBerry Messenger and a keyboard that adapts to your typing style. Multitask with lightning–fast Verizon 4G LTE.

If you judge the smartness of a smartphone not only on its features, but also on how well it works for you, then the BlackBerry Z10 is Albert Einstein. It won’t leave you to go off in search of its own Nobel Prize, but this device will bring a world of intuitive fun and productivity to your pocket.

Browse through thousands of songs, videos, apps, games and more with BlackBerry World, and use BlackBerry Messenger updates to see what your friends are downloading. Then share apps with your buddies using NFC (Near Field Communication) by tapping compatible BlackBerry devices together.

For taking great photos, Time Shift mode is essential. When you snap a shot, the image is captured milliseconds before and after you click, so you choose only the best frames for your perfect image. The BlackBerry Browser supports Flash and shares links quickly and easily onto your social networks and via email.

Work and play as hard as you can: 

  • Keep separate profiles for work and personal use with BlackBerry Balance–– and switch between them with the touch of a button. Only available with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.
  • Use BlackBerry® Hub to get your email, messages and social–media updates at one place, and look at them from any app without interrupting your flow.
  • Create interest–and project–related workbooks that gather web pages, emails, photos and more, and keep it all organized with keyword tags and due dates.
  • Start a video chat instantly, and share whatever’s on your screen, with BlackBerry Messenger. Then make group calendars and group lists for sharing files over live chats.

Enjoy intuitive and productive features: 

  • Lessen typing troubles with a virtual keyboard that adapts to your style. It learns how you type and calibrates itself so there’s no more fumbling or missed keys–it even predicts your next word based on previous messages.
  • Make sure your meeting has all of the necessary people and materials. Whenever you create a new appointment, the BlackBerry Z10 offers suggested invitees based on prior appointments. It gathers all of the pertinent files and messages and stores them within the invitation.
  • Keep your big project moving along by syncing tasks with your Microsoft Outlook calendar, and use the built–in Documents To Go and Adobe Reader to update presentations, spreadsheets, and documents.

I am still getting to know my BlackBerry Z10, but so far it looks like we’re going to be good friends.  I look forward to sharing my experience with this device with each and every one of you.

I’d love to know– are you a BlackBerry fan?  I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with your BlackBerry!