Friday Night Hikes Begin April 19 at Dunwoody Nature Center

My family thoroughly enjoys going hiking.  Darren and I have been hiking together since we were dating, and this is something that has continued on as we started a family.

Generally, we hike in the daytime.  We’ve hiked up mountains to see the sunrise and enjoy most of our hiking between breakfast and dinner.

However, we’ve also been on several night hikes.  Night hiking is a whole different experience.  You see and hear different things that you simply don’t encounter when the sun is up.  It’s quite the adventure.

If you’d like to experience a night hike, Dunwoody Nature Center is offering several opportunities to enjoy this fantastic opportunity with your family.

This nocturnal tour of Dunwoody Nature Center will take place on four different nights:

  • Friday April 19
  • Friday April 26
  • Friday May 3
  • Friday May 10

Hikers will gather around the fire, getting toasty with some hot cocoa, and discuss what you think might be seen or heard during the night hike.  Then, once the sun goes down, you’ll explore the trails of the Dunwoody Nature Center with only flashlights and the light of the moon.

These night hikes are sure to be an event to remember.  What a fun and exciting activity for the whole family to enjoy together.

The cost of the night hike is free, so bring your sense of adventure and join Dunwoody Nature Center for some good nighttime fun.

Disclosure:  I received no compensation for this post.  I just wanted to share this fun and free activity with all of you.