EXPECTED: October 3, 2013

Near the beginning of January, I began feeling tired and sick ALL the time. Foods were affecting me in strange ways… and I felt as though I could not make any of it better… 
So, I emailed Desi and told her that I needed to take a short break from blogging. I was super tired, sick, and overwhelmed with everything that was going on in my life. Being the sweet and understanding person that she is, she said it was no problem. Now – I am back and SUPER excited to tell all of you why I was sick, tired, and had to take a few months off of blogging… 

Kevin & I are EXPECTING!!! 
Baby Glaze is due October 3, 2013!
Being that this is my first pregnancy, I was so overwhelmed to experience the “side effects” of the first trimester. I always thought that “morning sickness” was just a little nausea that expectant mothers felt when they first woke up. WRONG. Morning sickness is HORRIBLE and it does NOT only happen in the morning. I also always thought that when expectant mothers said they were “tired” they just wanted an excuse to lay around or take a nap. WRONG. I have never in my life been so exhausted day and night. 
However, now I am in my second trimester (16 weeks!), and I am feeling GREAT! I still experience some tiredness and the occasional nausea, however, it is a walk in the park compared to the first trimester.
I am very excited and honored that I have gotten the opportunity to share my experiences with planning a wedding on a low budget, DIY wedding crafts, and all the personal stuff that was involved in marrying my best friend. Now, I am SO excited to share all of my thoughts as our family expands and we add a sweet little baby to the mix. 
SO – stay tuned to Wee Share to read all of my “pregnancy” posts. I hope to be discussing matters such as eating, exercising and other fun pregnancy experiences! Also, as expected, I will be announcing a HUGE blog event in the near future – so be on the lookout!