30 Because… Well… I’m 30

Earlier this year, I turned thirty.  Yep– the big 3-0.  At first, I was pretty disheartened by this.  Thirty just seems… I don’t know… old.

But, then I started thinking.  I’ve always thought age was just a number.  It really makes no difference in the grand scheme of things.  Why should starting a new decade of life cause me to throw my lifelong mentality out the window?

It shouldn’t.

I don’t feel like I’m 30.  I don’t even look like I’m 30.  And besides, it really is just a number.

To be honest with you, I think I am at the best spot in my life that I’ve ever been in.  I have an amazing family who I both love and get along really well with.  We’re happy, we’re content, and we’re focused.  We have fun together.  Life is good.

Today, just for fun, I want to share thirty things about myself– one for each year of life so far.  They’re things I don’t think you already know about me, so hopefully you’ll get a little inside peek into who I really am.


1.  I have a VERY long tongue.  It is actually so long that I can touch the tip of my tongue to the tip of my nose.  It also tends to really get in the way at the dentist.

2.  I am also very double jointed.  I can bend all of my fingers backwards and touch them to my wrist.

3.  I have not drank any kind of soda in over 10 years.  I also don’t drink any kind of tea or coffee {I actually don’t like either!}.

4.  In kindergarten through 12th grade, I never once missed a day of school.  Perfect Attendance for 13 years!

5.  This led to a strong admiration for the baseball player Cal Ripken Jr.  In case you don’t know, he holds the record for the most consecutive games played in baseball.  I always kind of thought we have something in common.

6.  In 8th grade, I won a writing contest.  As a result, I got to meet Muhammad Ali!

7.  I am a published poet and photographer.  A poem I wrote is published in a poetry anthology, and my black and white photograph of the Angel Oak Tree is featured in a calendar.

8.  I have never broken any bones.  The closest that I came is bruising my backbone when trying to do some sort of gymnastics move that I had no business doing.

9.  I know the words to many, many songs, but I cannot tell you who sings them or the title of the song.  It’s like a curse!

10.  I also like to change up the lyrics to songs and insert Raileigh’s name in all sorts of random places.  She cannot stand it.

11.  I do not like to drive.  At all.  I do drive, it’s just not something that I enjoy in the least bit.

12.  Before getting married, I had only lived at one address my entire life.  Since I got married a little over 8 years ago, I have lived in five different houses.

13.  My dream vacation is to visit Alaska and see the Northern Lights.  In fact, a Disney cruise to Alaska sounds pretty perfect to me!

14.  Foods that I detest include mushrooms and cilantro.  I think mushrooms are slimy and disgusting and cilantro just tastes like dirt.

15.  I am allergic to mosquitoes.  When bitten, the bites can swell up the the size of a baseball.  I am also allergic to cabbage.

16.  My house was robbed one time, right after Raileigh turned one.  The only thing that was stolen was almost all of my jewelry, including my high school and college class rings.  The intruder was never caught and my jewelry was never recovered.

17.  I know how to play the bassoon.  I have played in several community orchestras and have even performed in marching band events with this crazy instrument.  I can also play the flute, trombone, and baritone.

18.  Before having Raileigh, Darren and I had two cats– H2 {short for Human 2} and MC Hammer {it was a girl cat… oops!}.

19.  While I do enjoy ranch and eat it on salads, I actually prefer to eat salads without dressing.  My topping of choice is lemon juice squeezed over everything, with just a touch of salt.

20. As a general rule, I don’t like to watch the same episode of a television show, a movie, or read a book more than once.  I really prefer the suspense of not knowing what is going to happen.  The exception to this is Disney movies– I could watch those all day long.

21.  My family and I really like to play disc golf.  Even though I am right handed, I throw much better with my left hand.  This is the hand I always use when playing disc golf.

22.  When I was at an overnight summer camp in elementary school, I was woken up by a scorpion stinging me on the eyelid.  It was one of the most painful and odd experiences I have gone through.

23.  I lose my cell phone a lot.  There are multiple points during every day in which I have no idea where my phone is.  There have been times when I have lost my phone for days, and even a week.  Friends and family have come to realize that when I don’t answer I am not ignoring them.  I just have no idea where my phone is!

24.  I really do not like things with a paisley print.  I don’t know why, but paisley bothers me.  A lot.

25.  I have a teeny tiny foot.  Most often, I have to shop for shoes in the kids department.  Occasionally, I can fit into the smallest size of a women’s shoe.  However, there are times when even this is too big.

26.  I have been lost in the woods.  Darren, my mom, my youngest sister, and I went hiking in the North Georgia Mountains on a trail that we thought led to a waterfall.  It turns out, we started off on the wrong trail, and wound up on the Appalachian Trail.  When we finally emerged from the woods, we were several mountains away from our car, and it took strangers two hours to drive us back to where we had started.

27.  My dream job used to be a greeting card designer.  I wanted to take black and white photos for the front of the card and write short, clever sentiments for the inside.

28. Until I was 22, I thought that package stores sold boxes.  It was only when I tried to convince Darren to stop there and purchase some envelopes that I found out the truth.

29.  I have a few pet peeves.  Ones that top the list include the sound of fingernails being cut, people riding in the backseat of a car when no one is in the passenger seat, know-it-alls who actually know very little, and smoking.

30. I never leave home overnight without my pillow.  I am quite attached to it and don’t sleep well unless I have it.

I hope you enjoyed learning some odd things about me that I am sure you didn’t know before!

I’d love to get to know you better as well!  Feel free to leave something fun about yourself in the comments below.