TWISTER RAVE Skip-It & Ringz {Review + Giveaway}

It’s no secret– my family loves to play board games together.

Our obsession began many years ago when Darren and I were dating.  We would visit second-hand shop and pick up old games to play together.  We would only spend a few dollars and were provided with hours of fun.

Over the years, our game collection has both grown and evolved.  And– our sweet daughter has caught the board game bug as well!

Now that she’s older, we really enjoy having family game time together.  We’ve enjoyed playing some classic children’s games and checking out new ones.

Recently, we had the chance to check out two all-new Twister games– TWISTER RAVE Skip-It and Ringz.

You may remember Skip-It from your days as a kid.  Admittedly, I was never very good at this, but I enjoyed trying anyhow.  TWISTER RAVE Skip-It is like the old Skip-It with some fun, Twister-themed twists.

This game aims to get players up and skipping for as long as they can.  In this sense, it’s a far cry from the traditional board game, but it’s perfect for family game time, nonetheless.  The longer you go, the more you glow!  The color LED lights on the TWISTER RAVE Skip-It light up to reveal over 20 color levels as you skip along and play.  The goal is to master TWISTER RAVE Skip-It and get all four iconic colors {red, blue, yellow, and green} to glow at once.

Now, this game is aimed for ages 6 and up, but I knew it would be fun for my soon-to-be 5 year old.  She takes gymnastics class, and they skip in there every week, so she’s been learning how for a while now.  However, she isn’t super good at skipping just yet.

TWISTER RAVE Skip-It is the perfect opportunity for her to practice and have fun at the same time.  We’ve found this is a fun game to play at dusk, as the lights really glow brightly then.  We’ve decided we might take it along camping as well and find a big grassy field to play in this summer!

Then we have TWISTER RAVE Ringz.  This is a fun, portable game that is all about the bling, making it perfect for my girly-girl.  This quick-action game requires girls to twist, snap, clap, and move to the beat with more than 20 different hand clap games.

With each movement, the rings light up and change colors!  If you complete the hand clap game in perfect sync, the rings in the game should start and finish on the same color.

To me, the great thing about the TWISTER RAVE Ringz is how small they are.  These rings can easily be tossed in a purse or even a pocket to take along virtually anywhere.  They would be ideal for a day at the park, a long car trip, and more.  Anywhere you go, TWISTER RAVE Ringz are small enough to come along.

We are excited about the all-new Twister games and are happy to have them in our arsenal of games.

Want to see for yourself how fun TWISTER RAVE Skip-It and Ringz are?  Hasbro is going to send one lucky reader their very own copy of EACH game!

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