Top Apps for Android– from my Husband’s Point of View

Darren is quite smitten with my Droid DNA.  I definitely cannot blame him.  With the 5″ display and quad-core processor, this phone is simply incredible for enjoying apps, videos and more.

He uses my phone frequently and has discovered some apps that he really enjoys.  Darren is here today to share with you his top five apps for Android.

I have been a user of Netflix since it was just a silly old DVD distribution company.  Then I started watching on the computer also…..Then on my phone and also on my TV.  Now I can watch Netflix anywhere my wife has her Droid DNA.  With the 5″ screen and crystal clear picture, this phone is really good for watching Netflix.  Recently I have started watching Scrubs whenever I get a few free minutes.  Each episode is about 23 minutes and there are 9 seasons available to watch.  I’ve watched many episodes of Scrubs before, but I’m trying to watch all of them in a row right now.
YouTube can be addicting.  Sometimes whenever I have a few minutes of down time (or whenever Desi is not looking) I will pull up the newest viral videos.  Recently, I spent many hours (yes, hours) checking out 30 second long Harlem Shake Videos.  I also catch up on Jimmy Kimmel Live a few times a week and also make sure to watch Top Plays from ESPN’s Sportscenter.  YouTube is also great for when I am out and about somewhere and think “I wonder what MC Hammer’s music video for “2 Legit to Quit” looked like?”  Well, with YouTube that kind of information is right at my fingertips.
I don’t know if Spotify is my favorite app, but it is defiantly the app that I use the most.  Like their tag line says you literally can play any song, any time.  All of my favorite bands are on here with their whole entire catalog and more.  If a new CD comes out, I can listen to it on here also.  Bands that I listened to in high school are on here and I can relive those days, too.  There is also music that Raileigh and Desi likes or if I want to I can just scroll through somebody’s playlist and find a new band that I like.  With Spotify you can listen to (almost) any song at any time and I love it.
When I was younger, (and had cable) I would watch ESPN’s Sportscenter every morning while I got ready for school.  That kept me up to date on all of the sports world’s happenings and scores.  Now I don’t get to watch ESPN every day, but with the Scorecenter for Android I can still stay up to date on what is going on in the sports world.  I have set up alerts on my favorite sports teams and leagues so if a news story pops up, I get a notification.  This type of notification is great also when an important game is going on and I am nowhere near a TV.  And, If a game or sporting event is on an ABC or ESPN channel, they also show highlights a few minutes after they happen in real life too.
I have never been a person to sit down and read the newspaper.  I almost never take time to do that.  However, I do enjoy reading news articles and other articles from time to time.  That is why I enjoy The Huffington Post for Android app.  This app has all of the news stories that I could want and more.  Besides business, politics and world stories, there are also sections on entertainment, money, college, and sports.  There is even an humor section, which I frequent often.  There are so many different news stories on so many different things,I could keep myself reading the news for hours upon end.

Is your husband like mine and has phone envy?  Which apps does your spouse enjoy the most?

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.