New Sesame Street Cereal Available from Post {Review + Giveaway}

We are a cereal LOVING family.  In our house, cereal is not just for breakfast.  In fact, we have been known to eat it at all times of the day.

Of course, each member of the family has their favorite types of cereal, and therefore we usually have multiple boxes in the pantry at any given time.

Recently, Raileigh got to try out a new line of cereals, geared specifically at toddlers.

I’d like to introduce the Sesame Street cereal from Post.

The Sesame Street cereal is appropriately called “C is for Cereal”.  My daughter got a good laugh at this, as we often say “C is for Cookie” when baking our favorite treat.  The cereal is available in two flavors– “A is for Apple” and “B is for Banana”.

Both cereals are an oat and corn cereal, providing 2/3 of a toddler’s daily whole grains serving.  The cereal pieces are cute little “X” and “O” shapes, which resulted in lots of hugs and kisses while my daughter was eating!  The cereal is crunchy, but it is designed to melt in a child’s mouth.

Post Sesame Street Cereals are fortified with nutrients that support healthy brain development.  Iron helps to deliver oxygen to the brain and body.  Zinc helps brain and body cells to grow and develop.  Choline helps the brain to send messages.

So, the cereal is good for small children, but the real question is… how does it taste?

Quite simply, Raileigh loved the flavor.  She ate every single piece of cereal in her bowl and has requested the cereal multiple times since.

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first.  In the past, we’ve tried cereals that have featured fun characters on the box and the taste left a lot to be desired.

Not this time!  I decided to give the Sesame Street cereals a try as well, and I, too, thought they tasted good.  It’s a great feeling to know that I can provide my daughter with a cereal that is not only a healthy option for her to eat, but that tastes great as well.

Would you like to give the Post Sesame Street cereals a try?  One lucky reader is going to win a box of cereal!

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