Mueller’s Hidden Veggie Pasta {Review + Win a Years Supply of Pasta!}

In my house, pasta is a well-loved food.  Raileigh enjoys it with a little shredded cheese on top.  I prefer to add a bit of sauce as well.  I also enjoy creating entrees that include pasta for tasty one-dish meals.

The problem is that on pasta night, veggies can easily be overlooked.  This results in my family not getting the nutrition that we really need.

That’s why I am so very excited about the all-new Hidden Veggie Pasta from Mueller’s.

This awesome pasta actually contains a FULL SERVING of vegetables in every 4 ounce portion.  Yes, you read that right– a full serving of vegetables.

Do you know what that means?  It’s easier than ever to provide your family with the vegetables they need.  No more fighting with your kids to eat their veggies– they are hidden away in this tasty pasta.

Now, I am sure you’re wondering if the vegetables are really, truly hidden.  I put the Hidden Veggie Pasta to the test to find out.

The pasta comes in a variety of shapes including Mini Penne, Thin and Regular Spaghetti, and Twisted Elbows.  Each variety looks just like regular pasta.  No odd colors or textures to be seen.  It also cooks just like regular pasta in good ol’ boiling water.

To get a real feel for the taste of Mueller’s Hidden Veggie Pasta, I cooked up one of my favorite pasta dishes:

This is a dish I have prepared and eaten numerous times, so I knew it would be the ideal way to see how the pasta preforms.

Of course, I saved out a bowl of plain noodles for my picky eating child.  She found the noodles to be quite delicious– she ate every single one, to be exact.  None of us could detect the slightest taste difference in comparison to regular pasta.

Mueller’s Hidden Veggie Pasta is something that will constantly be in my pantry from here on out.  It looks and tastes like traditional pasta.  So, why wouldn’t I choose the pasta that can also give me a full serving of vegetables?

I want to encourage you to hit the grocery store and check out this amazing new pasta.  Before you go, just make sure to print this money-saving coupon that Mueller’s has for you.

Today, I am very excited because Mueller’s is hosting a truly amazing giveaway for all of you.  One lucky Wee Share reader is going to receive an entire years supply of Hidden Veggie Pasta {this prize includes 24 free product coupons for Mueller’s Hidden Veggie Pasta}.

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