FitBit One Helps Me to Sleep Better at Night

ah– my lovely fitness friend, the FitBit One.

In case you have not picked up on this fact… I am smitten with the FitBit One.  It recognizes my achievements and helps to encourage me to get moving and stay active.

But… do you know what else the FitBit One does?  It helps me to sleep better at night!

You see, even when I am sleeping, the FitBit One is wide awake, gathering data on how I sleep.  You start by slipping the FitBit One into the wristband {this came included with my FitBit One}.  Then, slide the device onto your wrist.

I’ll admit– this was a tad weird for me to get used to.  However, after a few days, it started to become a habit and I stopped thinking about it as much.  Once you’re in bed, hit the tracker button for about 2 seconds.  Then, when you awaken in the morning, hit the tracker button again for about 2 seconds to let the FitBit One know to stop monitoring your sleep.

At the end of the night, you’ll get what is known as a sleep quality score.  This is calculated by how long you sleep as well as how many times you wake up at night.

Why is this useful?  We all know that knowledge is power and the FitBit One gives you the opportunity to know what is going on while you’re recharging the body each night.  Over time, you can witness patterns and really see what your sleep patterns are like.  This information can then be used to help you achieve better sleep, by adjusting current sleep habits with ones that will effectively help you rest better.

For example, if you see that you’re not sleeping well, you can test things such as listening to different music, adjusting your room’s temperature, changing bed coverings, and more.  Because of the data you’ll get from the FitBit each night, you can effectively see which changes help you to sleep better and which do not.

The FitBit One also comes equipped with a silent alarm.  You set the alarm to go off at a pre-determined time, and when that time arrives, the FitBit One will send out gentle vibrations to wake you up.

This is very useful if two people are sharing a bed, but need to awake at different times.  The person who has to wake up earlier can use the silent alarm to wake themselves, but not their sleeping partner.

I have always been an awful, awful sleeper.  I enjoy sleeping, my body just has never gotten that memo!  I know I awaken multiple times per night, but with the FitBit One I can really evaluate how often this occurs and quit speculating about it.

I have also tried making some changes in my sleep habits and have already found that I tend to sleep better in shorts than in pajama pants.  I guess that I like to be cold at night!

Do you use the FitBit One when you sleep?  Have you found that it helps you to get a better night’s sleep?
Disclosure:  I am participating in a compensated opportunity from MomSelect.  However, all opinions are my own.