Festive St. Patrick’s Day Ideas from Family Fun Magazine

I used to despise holiday-centered crafting.  After all, holidays don’t last long, so those crafts that I spent hours working on can only be displayed for a short time each year.

Then, I became a mother, and all of my previous thoughts on holiday crafts went out the window.  In fact, I now really enjoy creating special things each time a new holiday rolls around.

So, what changed my mind?

Well, my daughter absolutely loves holidays, and creating and displaying special crafts helps to get her even more excited for the special day.  Admittedly, her excitement is contagious and rubs off on anyone that she comes into contact with.

As a result, I am always looking out for fun, new, creative things for us to create together.  Needless to say, I was very excited to discover these easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts from one of our favorite publications- FamilyFun Magazine.

Swinging Shamrocks 


  • Cardboard tubes 
  • Scissors Glue 
  • Green paint 
  • Fishing line/string 


1. Cut four half-inch rings from a flattened cardboard tube, then cut through one of the folds on each ring.

2. For three of the rings, bend and glue the two ends to form a heart-shaped leaf.

3. Fold the fourth ring into a triangular stem and glue the ends together.

4. Glue the stem between two leaves, then glue on the third.

5. Paint the shamrock green. When it’s dry, hang it with fishing line or string.

Leprechaun Artist


  • Printable beard template from familyfunmag.com 
  • Faux fur 
  • Corrugated cardboard 
  • Glue 
  • Bamboo skewer 


1. Print out beard template from familyfunmag.com

2. Cut the shape from a piece of faux fur and a piece of corrugated cardboard (with the corrugations running vertically).

3. Glue the fur to the cardboard.

4. Place a bit of glue on the end of a bamboo skewer, then insert it into one of the center flutes of the cardboard.

5. Let the glue dry before employing the disguise.

Do you have any St. Patrick’s Day crafts you have made this year or in the past?  I would love to see them!

Disclosure:  I received no compensation for this post.  I just thought that you and your family would enjoy these fun crafts!