Egg Dyeing

What are you doing today?  If you’re like us, you’re dyeing eggs for Easter!  This year I wanted to try a few new things, I’ll tell you how it went.

First I baked my eggs instead of boiling them.  It’s how Alton Brown says we should do it!  We lost 3 in the process but it’s ok because we were hungry so we just ate them for breakfast while we were working.

Here they are cooling in the fridge

Second, instead of using a dye kit, we just grabbed some koolaide packets from our local grocer.  It sure smelled a lot better!

Lastly, I let Anakin go to town!  He used some less conventional methods but whatever!!

And here’s the finished product:

It’s ok.  You can say it.  They aren’t the prettiest eggs you’ve ever seen.  But you know what?  They sure were a lot easier than the tablets with vinegar and for frugality, they were only about $0.50 to dye. So I’m happy.  However, I did send the hubs to the store for another dozen so we can try this method.  I’ll let you know how it goes later today!