Egg Dyeing Part II

The moral of the story here is A: don’t not follow directions.  Always take the advice of those who have gone before you.  And B: So we didn’t get volcano eggs, but it was still awesome.

I didn’t use food coloring.  I decided it would be a better idea to use kool-aide again.  And well, kool-aide + water + baking soda = fizz.  So our fizz was at the beginning, not at the end but it was still a lot of fun.

Step 1: I cut down the cups I used earlier.  No need to be wasteful.

Step 2: Empty contents of kool-aide packs.

Step 3: Add a teaspoon or so of baking soda.

Step 4: Add a little water (I used a turkey baster).

Step 5: (whoops!)  Watch the fizz!

Step 6: Decorate!

Don’t mind the half eaten egg on the left.  The Bugs was hungry!
And the final product:

Overall, even though this didn’t go according to plan, it was a lot of fun and I was really happy with the end result.

Happy Easter everyone!