What’s Your Opinion: Sushi

A few years ago, I tried sushi for the very first time. I was NOT instantly in love… however… I did not “hate” it either. It was a good long while before I decided to try it again. The next time I tried it, I had the same reaction. Kevin feels the same way about sushi. He doesn’t hate it… but he doesn’t necessarily like it either.

This past week, Kevin and I went on a date to one of our FAVORITE Japanese restaurants: Benihana. We decided to give sushi another try. We got the California Roll [pictured above].

As we were eating, I looked at Kevin and said, “I don’t think I like sushi”.
Kevin said, “Me either.”
I said, “I don’t think we need to order it again.”
Kevin said, “Me either.”

We ate all of the sushi because we did not want to waste money. However, this experience got me thinking. ALL of my friends absolutely GO CRAZY over sushi. WHY is it that I am just indifferent to sushi?

So – I wanted to call on all of the fabulous readers at Wee Share to give me your thoughts.

  • Do you like sushi?
  • What’s your favorite kind?
  • If you are a die-hard sushi lover… what do I just NEED to try the next time I attempt to eat sushi?
I SO look forward to hearing from all of you about this! I want to know what I’m missing about the sushi craze. 

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