Valentine’s Day Decor- Easy DIY "Be Mine" Banner

Each and every week, on Tuesday morning, Silhouette releases a “Free Shape of the Week” in their online store.  The shape is usually something interesting and fun, and I always make sure to download it.

A few weeks ago, they offered the Be Mine and Love Banner as the free shape of the week.  I had been considering making a simple paper banner to hang under our mantle, and this shape proved to be perfect for that!

I decided that the “Be Mine” portion of the banner was what I would use.  It has a few more letters and would fill the space better.

I cut the banner shapes from red cardstock, the letters from light pink cardstock, and the doily design from white cardstock.  I also cut out one extra banner and doily, as well as the three small hearts included, to use as a space between the words “Be” and “Mine”.

I attached the doily to the banner shape by using double-sided tape.  The letters were attached using pop dots to give them a slight 3D effect.  The I strung the pieces together using some ribbon I had on hand.

The result is an adorable, festive banner that adds a bit of color and fun to our mantle and fireplace.  Raileigh thinks the banner is absolutely wonderful, as she has been saying “Be Mine” to me for over a month now! She’s definitely caught the Valentine’s Day spirit this year.

I love the banner because it’s completely reusable, and I will be able to put it up again when the holiday rolls around next year.

Have you decorated for Valentine’s Day?  What kind of decor do you prefer to use?

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  1. Georgia Beckman says:

    I’ve kind of been itching to get a Silhouette. I always cringe at the price, but there are just so many things I’ve encountered that can be done with them. I think it’s going on my Christmas list this year!

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