Urbanwalls {review} {coupon code}

I’ll be honest, Dennis and I are not much for decorating.  It’s sad, really, considering he is an artist.  You’d think we cared more about putting stuff up around the house but quite frankly, it just feels like one more thing for me to do/hang/clean/keep up with.

I’m sure you’ve seen these floating around pinterest.  I couldn’t help but be interested.  It’s clean.  It’s simple.  And there’s no upkeep.  No frame to dust.  No picture to be hung.  Once it’s up, it’s up.  So the people over at Urbanwalls were awesome enough to let me try one out and to offer a discount to all our readers!!

Step One:  Ask your husband to do it.

Dennis preparing the wall.

Step Two: Rescue your husband because he doesn’t read directions well.  (Also, this was totally a two-person job!)

 Step Three:  Admire your work.  (And give your hubs a little credit.)

The end result is spectacular.  We love it!  It definitely took some time to put it up, but we got a pretty complicated design.  However, it was totally worth it.  Now it’s up and looks stellar.  We’ve already gotten tons of compliments!  There are lots of different kinds of designs.  They have great stuff for kids rooms, family rooms, even kitchens and laundry rooms.

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