Touching Moments with NIVEA Lotion

I have extremely dry skin.  I know that most people deal with a bought of dry skin in the winter months.  However, my dry skin likes to stick around all throughout the year.

Normally, the most dry areas tend to be my knees and my elbows.  However, two times per year I volunteer at an extremely large consignment sale for children in Georgia, and that dryness extends to my hands as well.

Sure, there is usually random bottles of lotion sitting around.  It tends to be a cheap bottle of something sweetly scented.  While it makes me smell good, I have always thought my hands were just as dry after using the lotion as before.

A few weeks ago, it was time to volunteer once again, and this time I decided to take along my own bottle of lotion.  I actually wanted to combat the dry hands that come from handling cardboard boxes and metal hangers from hours on end.  Want to know what lotion I chose to take?

NIVEA Essentially Enriched.

The NIVEA Essentially Enriched Twin Pack is a club exclusive at Sam’s Club {You can head over to Google+ if you’d like to see my entire shopping trip}.  You may be wondering… why did I head to our local club just to buy lotion?  Well, it’s simple really:

  • Size:  This twin pack contains two large bottles of lotion– 16.9 ounces each.  So, I will have plenty of lotion to last for this consignment sale and beyond.
  • Cost:  Even though I am getting two bottles of lotion, the cost is great– around $9 for the two pack.  That isn’t much more than I would pay for a single bottle elsewhere.
  • Value:  The cost of the NIVEA Essentially Enriched twin pack combined with the generoud size of the bottles results in an exceptional value.

Now, the lotion may be a great value, but is it effective?


The rich formula of the Sam’s Club Lotion intensively moisturizes and nourishes skin to leave it feeling smooth and supple.  It dramatically reduces dryness, promising to transform your skin within just two weeks {though… I must say that I say results sooner than this!}.

It contains natural sea minerals, Vitamin E and almond oil.  This unique combination creates touchably soft skin!  You see, the NIVEA Hydra IQ technology works with the body’s hydration network to unleash deep, non-stop moisture that lasts more than 24 hours.

I knew that the NIVEA Essentially Enriched Twin Pack was the perfect lotion to take along to the consignment sale.  I spend a lot of time at a table when I volunteer there.  So, I took one of my bottles along and just sat it on the table where I was stationed.  The pump bottle made it easy to dispense a squirt of lotion any time I desired.

It also made it very, very easy to share my lotion with other.  You see, I am surrounded my fellow mothers who are there volunteering as well.  Their hands are going through the same dryness and fatigue as mine are.

At first, just my closer friends were asking for some lotion.  Word must have gotten around quickly, though, because quite soon I was sharing my lotion with many women– some whom I had never even met before!  The NIVEA Essentially Enriched acted almost as an icebreaker, opening the door for me to chat and get to know some new people.

Now, if that isn’t a touching moment that is good for the emotional health of my heart, then I don’t know what is!

If you’re suffering from dry skin, I cannot say enough wonderful things about the NIVEA Essentially Enriched twin pack, available exclusively at Sam’s Club.  At such a low cost, it won’t break the bank to give this lotion a try.  And, I have no doubt that you will be as pleased with the results as I have been.

I invite you to connect with NIVEA to learn more about the Essentially Enriched lotion, as well as other products they offer:

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