KB Covers {Review & Giveaway}

When I first got into college, I purchased my very first laptop computer. I went all out — a brand new shiny white MacBook. I fell in LOVE with it. I used my MacBook every single day (with very HEAVY use) for almost 5 years. Towards the end of the fifth year, my computer began acting strange. Although I was not excited about it messing up, I was proud that it had lasted so long! One of the main problems was that my keyboard started to mess up. 

My old Macbook with my dirty… broken keyboard… 
For Christmas this past year, my sweet husband purchased me a brand new MacBook Pro! I was completely surprised and SO excited! I love my gift from my husband so much. My only thought was: How can I keep this computer’s keyboard from acting up like my previous MacBook did?

My BRAND NEW [beautiful] MacBook Pro — with a perfect keyboard! 
Of course, I can make certain moves to ensure that nothing messes up my keyboard (such as not eating while being on my computer for example). However, my lasting thought was — how do I keep dust and other things from getting in between my keys… increasing the wear and tear of my MacBook?

KB Covers gave me my answer. What is KB Covers? This is a company that specializes in keyboard covers. They have all different colors and styles. When I found this company, I knew I HAD to have one of these keyboard covers. I was absolutely thrilled when they agreed to work with me here at Wee Share!


This particular keyboard cover is compatible with:

  •  13-inch MacBook (US Keyboard) 
  •  13-inch MacBook Air (US Keyboard) 
  •  13-inch aluminum unibody MacBook (US Keyboard) 
  •  13-inch aluminum unibody MacBook Pro (US Keyboard) 
  •  15-inch aluminum unibody MacBook Pro (US Keyboard) 
  •  15-inch aluminum unibody MacBook Pro Retina (US Keyboard) 
  •  17-inch aluminum unibody MacBook Pro (US Keyboard)
Do you have a MacBook and feel that you NEED one of the keyboard covers from KB Covers? Well — you’re in luck! KB Covers has agreed to offer one very lucky winner their very own pink MacBook keyboard cover! Thank you KB Covers! 

Note: This giveaway is for one pink checkerboard keyboard cover. This is made to fit the MacBooks listed above! 

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