DIY 4 Cupcakes Box

Raileigh has now been in gymnastics for about 7 months.  She is truly infatuated with it.  She began taking a class one evening per week, and in December we added in a few private lessons each month.

Her private lessons are with Ms. Rachelle, one of Raileigh’s favorite people in the entire world. 

One day a few weeks ago, Raileigh requested that we make some cupcakes to take to Ms. Rachelle.  She wanted to take her four cupcakes.  You know, because Raileigh is four years old.

We had recently picked up a box of Valentine’s cupcake mix and a coordinating can of frosting.  Now, I am all for making treats from scratch, but these holiday-themed baking mixes are just too fun.  Not only that, they taste really good as well.  We often end up making a batch or two each holiday.

My wonderful kitchen helper and I set out making our cupcakes.  Raileigh added each of the ingredients except for the eggs.  She thinks they are too slimy and gross to touch.  She also helped me to mix up the dough.  It wasn’t long before our lovely cupcakes were baked to perfection and ready for frosting.

Our cupcakes turned out so cute that I decided we needed a fun way to transport them as well.  Enter our Silhouette Cameo!

I had seen numerous single cupcake box shapes in the Silhouette Online Store.  At first, I thought we’d be making four individual boxes to take to Ms. Rachelle.  Then, I found 4 Cupcakes Box by Lori Whitlock.  This box actually requires the purchase of two shapes to complete, but makes a sturdy box that can hold four cupcakes!

We chose four different papers for our box– light pink for the lid, red for the bottom of the box, white for the band that goes around the box, and a fun heart print paper from my stash for the cupcake insert.

To be quite honest, I had no idea what to do as far as assembly went after I finished cutting out my various pieces.  However, Lori created an easy to follow assembly video that helped tremendously.  After watching it for a few minutes, I got the hang of the assembly, and was able to complete it on my own.

The end result is an absolutely adorable and completely functional carrier for four tasty cupcakes.

In hindsight, a cardstock would have probably been a bit sturdier to use for the cupcake insert.  However, the patterned paper held up just fine and offered a cute pop of print when the box was opened.

Raileigh has already requested that we make cupcakes again for a special friend, and of course they will need a cute box to accompany them.  So, I see many more 4 Cupcakes Boxes in our future!

Purchase the Shapes:
4 Cupcakes Box (1 of 2)
4 Cupcakes Box (2 of 2)

Side Note– Rachelle, Raileigh’s gymnastics teacher is a FANTASTIC writer and has a wonderful blog called Inspiring Daring.  You should do yourself a favor and go follow her!


  1. Margot C says:

    I love, love, love that. I just got a Silhouette and I had no idea you could make something so nice with it.

  2. Karen Propes says:

    Oh, I love you box, I make cupcakes all the time and you have inspired me to use my silhouette and go the extra step and share mine in a box and not a cup. Thanks for sharing.

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