Creating Sweet Valentine’s Day Cards for our Out-Of-State Family

Raileigh is in love with Valentine’s Day {or VDay as she likes to call it}.  She knows exactly when the day will arrive, and already has a partial agenda for the day planned.  Let’s just say that our day will be starting off at Krispy Kreme with heart shaped doughnuts…

Recently, Raileigh decided that she had to make Valentine’s Day cards.  She stays home with me, so there are no classmates to pass them out to.  She does take gymnastics, but honestly I only know the names of a few other children in her class.

Then it hit me– she could make them for our out-of-state family in Georgia!  After all, we would be visiting them until the day before Valentine’s Day, so she could even personally hand them out.

Raileigh loved the idea, and chose 7 people {or groups of people} that she wanted to create a card for.  Then, I let her browse through the Silhouette Online Store to choose a card that she wanted to make.

It did not take long before she had chosen the ‘Gramophone’ Recorder Love Cut Out Card.  So, we set out cutting out 7 of each piece, following the color scheme in the example.  I did use a sparkly paper for the small label on the gramophone because I knew Raileigh would really enjoy that!

All of the pieces were assembled using double-sided tape.

Now, I wanted to give her a space to write on inside the card.  As designed, the card has a red interior, and I thought it might be a tad bit dark for her to write on. 

I created a square in the Silhouette studio, slightly smaller than one side of the card.  I used the print and cut feature on the Silhouette to cut out squares that said Happy Valentine’s Day {insert name here}!; Love, ______.  I left the spot below “Love” blank so that Raileigh could write her name.  She could have written the entire sentiment, but I knew that doing this 7 times would be incredibly boring to her.

Raileigh decided that she wanted to write her initials instead of her name.  R, backwards J, and then G. 

The cards turned out incredibly adorable, don’t you think?  I am certain that now Raileigh is going to want to make cards for our entire family each and every time a holiday rolls around.

Is your child passing out Valentine’s Day cards as well?