Create a Healthy Home with Filtrete

As parents, we strive to do all that we can to keep our families healthy.  When we are out and about, I have several products I take along to help diminish the amount of germs and allergens my family comes in contact with, including antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer.  I always feel that my guard against germs is higher when we are away from home.

However, the truth is that germs are taking up residence inside of our homes as well.  According to the EPA, the average person spends ninety percent of their life indoors! They also state that indoor levels of many pollutants are often 2-­‐5 times higher than outdoor levels. The EPA has identified indoor air pollution as one of the top five urgent environmental risks to public health.

That being said, what can we do to keep our families healthy inside of our home?

Change your air filters.

This is something that my family and I have been doing every three months for quite some time now.  Air filters are relatively inexpensive and can make a huge difference in the air quality inside your home.

The brand that we consistently turn to for all of our air filtration needs is Filtrete.  Filtrete is made by a not-so-little company that I am certain you know of– 3M.  Filtrete filters are consistently rated #1 by a leading magazine that rates consumer products.

What makes Filtrete filters so great?  Well, they are up to 4 times better and more effective than ordinary pleated filters. Filtrete Filters help create a healthy home and healthier indoor air by capturing airborne dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses.

The Filtrete Ultimate Allergen Reduction Filter {MPR 1900} is ideal for keeping your air as allergen-free as possible. It captures up to 93 percent of large airborne particles, such as household dust, pollen, mold spores and dust mite debris, from the air passing through the filter.  It also helps capture 4X times more microscopic particles, such as smoke, smog, pet dander and particles that can carry bacteria and viruses, than ordinary pleated filters

Filtrete filters also help maintain airflow in heating and cooling systems, which may help prevent stress on the system and reduce the amount of energy needed to reach desired indoor air temperatures. Other electrostatically charged filters with similar ratings are tightly woven and may restrict airflow in the heating and cooling system. This may cause the system to work harder and run longer.

To help homeowners address these serious indoor air concerns, Filtrete has partnered with Mike Holmes, renowned HGTV contractor, on the Filtrete Healthy Home Remodel Contest. One grand prize winner, selected by Mike Holmes, will receive $30,000 worth of home inspections, repairs and renovations by a Holmes Group approved contractor. Four first prize winners will be awarded $5,000 cash to put towards home repairs.

Entering could not be easier.  Visit the Filtrete Facebook page {you’ll need to like it in order to enter}.  Explain in 1000 words or less why your home is worthy of the healthy home remodel.  You can even include up to 2 photos with your entry.  The contest has already began and will run through June 30, 2013– so get your entries in today!

I invite you to connect with Filtrete and check out the other filters {including water filters, which I also use!} they have to offer:

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Disclosure:  I am part of the Filtrete Healthy Home Club and am dedicated to improving air quality in my home and yours.  This is a compensated post.  However, all opinions are strictly my own.