Bio-Vert | Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products {Review}

If you cloth diaper, you know what I mean when I say the “ick” factor is probably the most overwhelming part of it.  In the journey to find a quality detergent that cleans my diapers and also keeps the smell away, I’ve come to be more aware of lots of other factors that go into the entire laundry industry!  Have you ever thought about how thick the plastic is on a traditional laundry detergent bottle?  And then if you don’t recycle them, they go into landfills and take an estimated 1,000 years to decompose!  Whoa.

So I’ve been on a journey to find a company that can give me a more simple formula so it’s safe for my dipes but that also respects their environmental impact.  I stumbled upon Bio-Vert and was super impressed with their company philosophy and sustainability standards.  And since they are also a family-owned business, it makes me feel even better to support an independent company!

The detergent, softener, and the stain fighter I tried were fantastic!  Their formulas are plant based and the container is also 100% recyclable, made from 25% recycled plastic and 30% recycled paper.  Most of Bio-Vert’s products are EcoLogo certified as well.  All of these things are a really big deal to me.

All that being said, let’s be honest.  At the end of the day, all that really matters is whether or not it worked.  Although I did originally intend to use this primarily on my cloth diapers, I found that it worked wonderfully on all my clothes.  I liked it just as much (maybe even a little more!) than my home-made detergent on our regular clothes, and I liked it significantly better on my diapers.  I will be switching to this for my future cloth diapering!  It made everything smell great, helped remove stains, and I love that the amount you need is so small!  If feels better knowing I’m putting less “stuff” on my baby’s bum!

Go visit Bio-Vert to check out all their great products!  They carry everything you need to clean all around your house!

*Disclaimer: I received products but no monetary compensation for the purpose of this review.  My opinions are honest, and 100% my own and do not intentionally reflect the opinions of anyone else.