Be Prepared When Bad Weather Hits with these FREE Apps for Android

We have had some seriously crazy weather here this winter.  In January, temperatures were in the eighties and we were wearing shorts and getting thunderstorms.  A few weeks ago, there were threats of tornadoes, with a horrific one setting down just north of where we used to live.  A few days ago?  There was snow in the forecast.

Needless to say, this crazy weather is keeping us on our toes!  One of the worst storms snapped a gigantic 20 foot branch high in the top of a really tall pine tree in our front yard.  In dangled precariously, in danger of falling, so we got the pleasure of having to get a portion of the tree removed {which was harder than anticipated, since pine trees are apparently protected in the town we live in…}.

It is important to be in-the-know and prepared for any weather system that comes your way.  The great news is that this is easy and FREE to do, thank to some amazing apps available for Android phones in the Google Play store.

Android Weather Widget

I’ll start off with something that I actually found when digging around to check out what came pre-loaded on my phone one day.

It’s the Android Weather Widget.  This handy little widget is hands down my favorite widget on my phone.  It lets me know what is going on with the weather at a moments notice.  It uses your location to show the weather where you are.  So, even if you’re traveling, this is a handy widget to use.

You can see current temperature and conditions, as well as high and low temperatures for the day.  I also have the live wallpaper installed.  When it rains, a windshield wipers “wipes” the rain from my screen.  When it’s foggy, there is a lovely animated forest scene with fog.  So, not only is this widget useful, it’s actually pretty fun as well.

This useful app allows you to easily check the weather on your Android phone.  You can save up to 10 locations, and the app will display current temperature, as well as a description of current conditions.  There is also a doppler radar {which unfortunately you cannot zoom} as well as day and night forecasts.

This app offers weather watches and warnings.  This is particularly useful in a case of severe weather if your power happens to go out and you don’t have access to your local news stations.

The coolest feature of this app to me is the ability to share weather data with friends and family via multiple social media channels.  I think this would be incredibly useful if on vacation or trying to plan a fun family day together.  You could also use it to brag to out of state family about the amazing winter temperatures you might be experiencing! 

WeatherBug gives you access to real-time weather updates and forecasts.  The Pin-Point Visual Forecasts are easy to read and offer current, hourly, and extended weather.  There are interactive maps that allow you to zoom and choose an area to view current conditions there.  These maps offer multiple layers, including doppler, wind speed, pressure, traffic and more.  The traffic layer could potentially be quite useful if weather in your area leads to an evacuation.

WeatherBug offers DTA or Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts, Spark Alerts {for lightning} and push notifications for severe weather.  These are all extremely useful to help you stay on top of bad weather heading your way and get your family to a safe area before it hits.

I really like the Lifestyle Forecasts, which though they they are not necessary, are pretty fun!  These forecasts help you determine certain weather parameters and advise you on how best to stay comfortable and have fun.

If you’re looking for a powerful, yet simple weather app, this may be the one for you.  This app powers 80,000 worldwide locations, so chances are you are near one!  You’ll get access to current conditions, 24 hour forecast, and a 10 day forecast.

There are also multiple forecast charts, including barometric pressure, temperature, probability of precipitation, humidity, and more.  You location is automatically tracked for the most current weather conditions.

Palmary Weather comes with three different home screen widgets, making it easy to have super quick access to weather at all times.  You can set up auto updates to alert you of severe weather, with the option to automatically turn off updates while you sleep.

Android users, I’d love to know– which apps do you find most useful to help keep you informed of current weather conditions?

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.