Quilt Inspiration from DISNEY!

This may be a bit of a strange blog post. However, I wanted to share the quilt inspiration that I received at Disney World. Now, before I get into the pictures — I want to share a quick story. When I go to the craft store, theme parks, and just about ANYWHERE — I see quilts.

When I say I “see” quilts… I mean that I see quilt designs and patterns in architecture, designs, and my surroundings. Do I have any blogging friends who “see” potential patterns or designs in your surroundings?

Here are a few that I saw while at Disney World in September, 2012:

This is an absolutely adorable building in Magic Kingdom. I am inspired by the colors and design elements on the outside of this shop! I can see it becoming a very involved and precious quilt. 

Look at how neat the colors and designs are on this building! I do not remember which park this photo came from. However, I cannot wait to design a quilt completely inspired by this building! 
Now, many of you may think that I am quite strange for seeing “quilts” in architecture at Disney World.  However, this is what I see when I go to amusement parks and the such. I plan on making quilts that are inspired by these buildings. If/when it happens — I will be sure to post about it! 
Do any of y’all “see” your hobby in different sorts of things? If so, comment and tell me about it! I’d love to hear from you! 

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