New Listing – Designing Tomorrow: "Football Mom" Metal Stamped Necklace


This necklace is PERFECT for the mother of a football player! This necklace offers the option to personalize with the school or organization’s colors.

This necklace has a hand-stamped pendant with “Football Mom” stamped on it. The necklace is about 18 inches long. The chain is a beautiful silver colored chain. The necklace is embellished with a beads. The colors of the beads are your choice.

When ordering this necklace please give me the following information:

1. Colors included on the necklace.

 The type of beads may vary depending on the colors required. Feel free to send a link to the football organization that would be associated with this necklace. That way, I will have a better understand of the shades of colors that you are requesting.

 Since this necklace is hand stamped, there might be a slight variation in the placement of the letters. This adds to the charm, character, and individuality of the piece of jewelry.

 Made in a 100% smoke free environment!

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