DIY Gifting: Harry Potter Wands {Tutorial}

It’s no surprise we are a hause full of geeks over here.  The Kid’s name is Anakin, after all.  So when he asked for a Harry Potter birthday party, I was beyond excited!  Since I was 7 months pregnant with Bug, I wanted to go all out for his birthday last year.  One last ‘Hurrah!’ before he had to sacrifice half of mommy’s attention.  What are the two things you just HAVE to have at a Harry Potter party?  Harry Potter glasses, of course, and a Harry Potter wand.  The glasses were easy enough to come by via the internet, but wands were another story.  There are some available online at ridiculous prices, or they have affordable ones that are just lame and cheesey.  We are far to geeky for hollow plastic wands that would better serve as dog’s chew toys!  (Not that I’m speaking from experience here…  *ahem)

After several hours on pinterest and google, two trips to Home Depot, and finally settling in at Hobby Lobby (my heaven!), I found exactly what I was looking for and had the perfect wands for all my son’s wizarding friends!  There were a few things I wanted to take into consideration here.

  1. Not too expensive
  2. Doesn’t take too long to make
  3. Sturdy enough so that little people could drop them and they wouldn’t fall apart immediately
  4. Light enough that little people could handle them (some of my son’s little sisters and brothers were only 3)
  5. Cool-looking (duh)
I busted out 24 of these in about 4 hours (while 7 months pregnant!) and the entire project cost me around $10.  Here’s what you need:

Hot glue gun and glue sticks, wooden dowels, wooden knobs in matching size to the dowels, and paint.
I found the dowels and knobs at Hobby Lobby.  The dowels came in packs of 8 and the knobs came in packs of 4 and I needed 24.  It was destiny.  As for paint, you can hand paint them with acrylics if you want to be fancy-pantsy.  We settled for $1 spray paint from Home Depot.  I was hand making them and did I mention I was 7 months pregnant?!  **note: my husband did the spray painting.  Please don’t spray paint while you are pregnant.
Step 1: Glue the dowels to the knobs.

The ones I got this time to do the tutorial fit perfectly.  But when I did the Kid’s birthday party, they were off by about an eighth of an inch.  So I just filled up the excess space with extra glue and it actually created a really cool little groove between the knob and the dowel.  Just do what feels comfortable.
Step 2: Use the hot glue to create cool designs down the shaft of the dowel.  

Get creative!  I did all kinds of fun stuff!  If you’re making these for a hardcore HP fan, you could even research what a few of the characters’ wands look like and try to imitate those designs.  I just did a lot of different stuff.  Some had spirals, some were squiggly, some had rings.  Just have fun with it!

Step 3: Paint!
–Alas, I did not get a picture of the painting process…  Use your imagination. ;p

We did all of ours the same color so we just laid them out over some cardboard and went to town.  We used black on about half of them and dark brown on about half of them.  We even got adventurous and did a few half black and half brown.  Just keep in mind that the paint is clear so you may have to do a few coats.  If you wanted to paint them by hand, you could do all kinds of fun stuff — I just didn’t have the patience for that.
Step 4: Wizard!!

This makes a great gift for any HP fan.  If you do it with them, it makes great memories too!  If you have older kids, you could even do this as a project at the birthday party.  I had so much fun doing these and the Kid loves his!

*Disclaimer: Making gifts and things for yourself from other people’s free tutorials is fun!  Selling it is not.  Always get permission from the original author if you want to sell something from a free tutorial so she can get all the appreciation she deserves!

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