Designing Tomorrow: New Listing – Custom T-Shirt Quilt with Sashing


T-Shirt quilts are the perfect way to preserve memories from your favorite experiences. Whether it is from high school, college, road trips, or any other special event – a T-Shirt quilt is a great way to save all of those special memories. T-Shirt quilts are great as graduation, birthday, and Christmas gifts. They are also an excellent way to reduce the clutter and space that all of those shirts take up.

You can use any type of t-shirt: cotton, mesh, jersey, sweatshirt, sweatpants — anything piece of clothing that is a memory to you!

What makes Designing Tomorrow’s Custom T-Shirt Quilts special?

I use the Electronic Quilt Software to design each and every t-shirt quilt that I make. I take photos of each t-shirt and insert it into my design. Using this, I am able to get a pretty accurate view of what the quilt will look like when it is completed. When you order a quilt from Designing Tomorrow, you will receive an photo via email of your quilt before I even begin cutting a single t-shirt. This gives you a bit of creative control with colors, patterns, and t-shirt placement.

I can make the following t-shirt quilt sizes. Depending on the amount of T-Shirts provided to me and the design of the quilt – the measurements may change by a few inches. This is to make your quilt 100% customized and personalized to you! 

  • Baby (36×36)
  • Lap (60×72)
  • Twin (63×88)
  • Full (78×88)
  • Queen (84×92)

**I am unable to do a King size quilt or larger.**

The price listed in my Etsy shop is a DEPOSIT ONLY. The deposit will be subtracted from the final cost of your quilt.

Pricing –

To have a custom t-shirt quilt made, I charge $15 per t-shirt. This price includes the supplies for the: t-shirt backing, sashing, border, backing, binding, batting, and thread.

**This price does NOT include shipping**

To calculate the total price of your quilt (without shipping):

(# of t-shirts) x (15) = Price of Quilt without shipping

** — For a full and queen quilt: I need AT LEAST 13-15 t-shirts (about 30 images/logos). If you have less than this we may discuss creating a smaller quilt with your t-shirts. However, do not be afraid to inquire about it ~ I am happy to work with you to try and make it work.

** — If you are wanting to make your quilt out of small children’s clothing, please message me. Children who are very young (babies and toddlers) have much smaller logos than adults. Therefore, the price may need to be adjusted.


I use low-loft batting with all of my quilts. This creates a thinner quilt. If you prefer a higher loft batting for your t-shirt quilt let me know. Higher-loft batting is a bit more expensive. So, I would be happy to adjust the price to incorporate the high-loft batting for you.


When you pay for the deposit, you will not be charged any shipping. You will need to ship me all of your t-shirts in order for me to begin the designing process.

Once your t-shirt quilt is finished I will create a custom listing for you. This listing will include the remaining balance and the calculated shipping. Since quilts are a bit heavy, I take all the quilts to the post office/UPS/FedEx and find the cheapest way to send it to you. I will charge you exactly what the shipping departments calculate it will cost to ship it to you.

I am happy to chat about design options. T-shirt quilts are designed to be completely customized to YOU.

Please allow 1-2 months for completion of the quilt. If you need it quicker, please don’t be afraid to ask. I can try to work out a quicker plan for your quilt.

Made in a 100% smoke free home.

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