One of the BEST Days of My Life

This year, we have began a new tradition in our home.  It’s called Meaningful Christmas.  Early in November, a good friend from church asked us to participate in an ornament swap for Meaningful Christmas.  We were to make 24 of the same ornament and swap them with the other participating families.  In the end, we would be left with a set of ornaments that would coordinate with each devotional within Meaningful Christmas.

Even though I had little time to create my ornaments, I committed to doing it anyway.  Little did I know what God was orchestrating.

We began our daily devotionals on December 1.  Each day we read a verse {or verses}, discussed what the verse was talking about, completed an activity, and then hung our ornament on the bright purple tree that Raileigh picked out.

Already, I was filled with joy as Raileigh learned what alpha, omega, eternal, and the trinity mean.  She was enjoying our devotionals and truly taking in the real meaning of the season.

Then, last night we were on day 5– Believe.  The verse was John 3:16.  Raileigh read it aloud, only stumbling on the word “perish”.

We began discussing why God sent his son to Earth and talked about sin.  We then began talking about how we can live with Jesus forever.

Raileigh asked both Darren and I if Jesus lives in our hearts.  We told her “yes” and that he has lived there for a very long time.

Then, Raileigh proclaimed that she wanted to ask Jesus to come and live in her heart.  By then, our eyes were all filled with tears.  The three of us held hands as Raileigh simply said “Jesus, will you come live in my heart?”

I am so proud of the decision my daughter has made.  It is amazing to know that one day we will all live eternally in Heaven together.

December 5, 2012 will forever be etched in my mind as one of the best days of my life.