2012 Holiday Gift Guide- Soundfreaq Sound Kick {Review}

As Christmas quickly approaches, you will often find holiday tunes filling the air at my home.  Raileigh loves music, and her face brightens with excitement anytime she hears festive music play.  Just the other day, I was encouraging her to sing along to a song that was playing.  She looked at me, frustrated, and said she didn’t know the words to any Christmas songs.

I asked her of she wanted to learn, and of course she exclaimed YES!  Though she’s participated in holiday festivities every year since she was born and gained a little more understanding with each passing year, I think this is the year where she truly begins to take everything in and comprehend what it means.  So, what better time to teach her the words to those Christmas songs that she so desperately wants to learn?

To broadcast songs throughout our house {and outside, too!} we’ve been using the Soundfreaq Sound Kick.  The Soundfreaq Sound Kick is a portable WIRELESS bluetooth speaker system.  It’s lightweight, slim, and features a rather nice modern design.

Let me tell you how the Sound Kick works.  Using a bluetooth-enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet computers, you simply open your favorite music app. {Personally, we like to use spotify}  From here, you can easily set up the music to stream through the Sound Kick.  Seriously– it took us less than a minute to set my husband’s iPhone up to play through the Sound Kick.

The device you’re using to stream the audio must be within 33 feet of the Sound Kick.  However, 33 feet is pretty far!  You could potentially leave the Soundfreaq in the kitchen, wander around and do some laundry or clean the bathroom, and still be connected with the Soundfreaq.  That’s pretty neat!

Now– music isn’t the only thing you can stream through the Sound Kick.  Movies, TV shows, videos, and games can all easily be streamed through the Sound Kick.  Basically, any app that makes noise can be easily enjoyed by the entire family by using this handy portable speaker.

So… I suppose that you’re wondering what the sound quality is like.   Quite simply– it’s great!  The XKICK chamber in the back easily pops out, and this enhances the sound of the speakers.  Don’t worry– it doesn’t make the Soundfreaq significantly larger.  Fully expanded, the speaker only measures right at 3 inches deep.

The Soundfreaq Sound Kick features a built in LiON battery.  It’s easy to recharge and the charge lasts for approximately 7 hours.  That’s a whole lot of listening time!

In addition to having the ability to broadcast a variety of music, shows, and videos, the Soundfreaq Sound Kick can also charge your device!  That’s right– using the USB power port, simply plug in your smartphone, iPod, or other device and easily charge it using the Soundfreaq.

We are thoroughly enjoying our Soundfreaq Sound Kick.  With amazing sound quality and ease of use, this is our go-to device for listening to music at home.  The Soundfreaq would make a great gift for absolutely any music lover on your gift list.

Plus, just in time for the holiday season, some gorgeous new colors have been added to the Sound Kick line, including Ghost, Chromatic Ocean, and Chromatic Twilight.  All Soundfreaq Sound Kick devices can easily be purchased online in the Soundfreaq e-store.

I invite you to connect with Soundfreaq so you don’t miss any awesome new colors or products:

Disclosure:  I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Soundfreaq and received a product sample to facilitate my review.