National Health Blog Post – November 13: "Prepping for the Holidays!"

November 13 Prompt:

“Prep for the holidays – in a post!”
I am SO excited about Christmas this year. WHY? Because it is the VERY FIRST Christmas that Kevin and I will have as a married couple!!! It is going to be so much fun having our own tree, decorations, and festivities together. 
But what’s the downfall?

We do not have ANY Christmas decorations. At all! 
So, it is my job to come up with some super spectacular [and cheap] Christmas decorations for our little apartment. I might be using this prompt multiple times during this month. And if I don’t… y’all will see other posts in December regarding this same topic. The very first thing I am going to post about is an ornament that I have been working on. 
In a couple of weeks, you will see a review & giveaway for the Electronic Quilt Company and a review from the Fat Quarter Shop. I have had the opportunity to create some pretty exciting things in the quilting world here recently. I’m not going to go much further in detail than this… because that will ruin the surprise for the future reviews!
However, I had a super easy and adorable ornament idea for the fabric selvages that I had from the beautiful fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop! I simply rolled the selvages in a ball with the pretty side facing outward. Then, I put it inside a clear glass ornament. Voila! A pop of color from one of my favorite fabric combinations! I might end up doing this throughout the year as I gather more and more selvages!

This ornament was super easy and quick to make! Here’s a very basic tutorial! 


  • Selvages
  • Glass Ornaments (I got mine from Hobby Lobby)
  • Crochet hook

First, lay the selvages out right side down. 

Wrap the selvages around your fingers.

Slide the fabric off of your fingers and put it into the top of the glass ornament. I had to sort of twist it around a bit to make it go in without getting all jumbled up. 

Then, use the crochet hook to move the fabric pieces around in the ornament to sit the way that you want them to. 

Voila! It’s a little “different”… but I absolutely LOVE IT! I think that from now on, I am going to make a selvage ornament for each quilt that I make! It will turn into a pretty memorable and neat collection!!