2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Artsy Couture {Review + Giveaway}

I love to take photographs– especially of my beautiful daughter.  She can light up my camera like no one else, and I love nothing more than filling my home with pictures of her.

In recent years, photography has came a very long way.  When I took pictures as a child, I used a 35mm camera and would send my film off to be developed.  Now, I am a big fancy camera that shows me pictures immediately.  I can easily view and edit those pictures right at home.

However, it seems that the way I have been displaying my photos is still a bit old-fashioned.  I have a variety of frames around my home, each filled with a very special memory.

But, why settle for a traditional framed photo when you can have a Gallery Block from Artsy Couture?

Now, what exactly is a gallery block? A gallery block is a single professional print laminated over a solid wood constructed box.  These blocks are easy to hang and care for, making them an ideal alternative to the popular canvas prints.

Artsy Couture also makes what are called floating gallery blocks. This is a series of smaller print blocks constructed together. The floating gallery block is manufactured to look like each individual gallery block is floating over a large image background.

I am pleased to show you my Quad– a set of four 10″ x 10″ floating gallery blocks mounted on a 23″ x 23″ beautifully designed gallery block.

One of my favorite things about the Quad is that I actually feel like I had a hand in creating this final design.  You see, in order to create a Gallery Block, you download the Artsy Couture design software.  This software is easy to use and fun as well.  I was able to choose the exact background I wanted for my Gallery Block.  There were many designs to choose from, and I opted for the black diamonds.  We only use black picture frames in my home, and I thought the black background would make this piece fit in perfectly.

The hardest part was choosing which photographs to display on each of  the floating gallery blocks.  Finally, I decided on some images from our last day at the Happiest Place on Earth.  Raileigh spent the day dressed in her “fairy” best after getting her very first haircut.  It was a magical day and one that I want to remember forever.

Once I finally choose my images, I was able to move them around and crop them until it was exactly as I wanted.  When I was satisfied with the outcome, I submitted my order directly from the design software.  It couldn’t have been easier!

When the Quad arrived, I was floored.  Now, I had seen examples of these floating gallery blocks online and read about them as well, but nothing I saw or read did this piece justice.  Quite simply, it is amazing.   The quality, workmanship, and overall visual appeal far exceeded my expectations.

At Artsy Couture, they take your photographs and turn them into a work of art.  I have proof of that hanging right in my living room.  Every single time I look at my lovely new piece, I cannot help but smile.  Not only am I looking at my beautiful daughter, but a timeless treasure that I will enjoy for many years to come.

I encourage you to visit Artsy Couture and see all that they have to offer.  In addition to the Gallery Blocks, you’ll find cube decor, photo canvases, photo books, and the most stunning frames I have ever seen.  I guarantee that you will be impressed with these incredibly unique products.

I am excited to announce that Artsy Couture has generously offered to send one lucky winner a $100 Gift Certificate!

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