2012 Holiday Gift Guide- Acoustic Research MVP Portable Wireless Speaker {Review + Giveaway}

Music is a big part of my family’s life.  In fact, music is what originally brought Darren and I together.  We both played in the band in high school, and that’s how we met each other.  As we dated, and throughout our first years of being married, we spent a lot of time attending concerts.

Though we still go to the occasional concert, it is much less frequently than before.  However, that doesn’t mean we never listen to music!  Now, we just enjoy it from home or in the car.

Recently, we discovered a product that has truly enhanced our music experience– the Acoustic Research MVP Portable Wireless Speaker!  This amazing speaker can easily be synced with our phone or other device for a customized listening experience at home, in the park, or wherever else the road may lead.

The MVP Portable Wireless Speaker is loaded with tons of amazing features:

  • Two easy ways to connect to your audio source: Bluetooth wireless and built-in 3.5mm cable
  • Listen to music from your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player and more
  • High-quality, full, rich sound 
  • Compact and easy-to-carry
  • Use your speaker anywhere, indoors or out 
  • UV and water-resistant
  • Customizable

Did you see that last point?  The Acoustic Research MVP Portable Wireless Speaker is CUSTOMIZABLE!  Each speaker comes with a card that you can redeem at Skinit.  Skinit allows you to personalize the speaker with one of thousands of skins that they offer.  You can choose your favorite sports team or perhaps a hobby that interests you.  The possibilities are virtually endless!

To customize our Wireless Speaker, we chose a Skinit featuring one of our most favorite teams– Florida State.  I have to say that the speaker is a really fun way to show off a little team pride!

We have used our speaker many, many times since it arrived.  Sometimes, we’ll turn it on while cooking dinner or doing other chores inside the house.  We’ve also taken it outside while doing yard work and even while enjoying a picnic at the park.

I love that it is wireless.  We use a music service called Spotify and can easily listen to all our favorite songs by broadcasting our Spotify account through the speaker.  Everything is controlled through our phone, so we don’t even have to get up to change the song or adjust the volume.  It’s really convenient!

 The sound quality is also amazing.  It features 2-way acoustic design: 2-inch tweeter, 3-inch woofer (5 watt RMS).  I’ve yet to hear any static at all– only crisp, clear sound!

Now, the speaker does take quite a few batteries to operate if you don’t choose to plug it in– 6 AA, to be exact.  However, each set of batteries should get around 14 hours of play time, so at least they do last for a while!   The MVP Portable Wireless Speaker does come with an AC adapter, so you can plug it in and play for as long as you wish.

The MVP Portable Wireless Speaker from Acoustic Research is my husband’s new favorite gadget.  He uses it frequently and we all appreciate how it has enhanced our listening experience.  Since the speaker is easy to customize using the enclosed Skinit redemption card, it truly does make a great gift for absolutely anyone this holiday season.

I am excited to announce that one lucky reader is going to WIN an Acoustic Research MVP Portable Wireless Speaker that you can customize for yourself or gift to a very lucky friend or family member.

Giveaway is open to US readers only.

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