Pinterest Inspiration: DIY Pearl Wall Decoration

Hello friends! I am sure that we can all agree that Pinterest has inspired [ALOT] of people all over the globe to be more creative and save money with DIY projects. Well, I am not an exception to this. Now that I am married to the love of my life, I am determined to find cute {and cheap} ways to decorate our living space.

I found this pin on Pinterest: 
The pin {above} inspired me to attempt this on my own! Mine is a little different and probably much smaller, but, it looks super neat on our wall! 
I followed the instructions that I found on this pin and had a TON of fun doing this. It only cost me about $5 to complete. The only [major] problem I had was the difficulty of the “G” in my last name. You see, my married name is “Glaze”. I was going for a cute yet elegant looking script. However, most of the “G”‘s that I found in beautiful fonts were absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to shape with a piece of wire and beads. Okay, Okay, maybe not “impossible”. But, extremely difficult. 
Here’s what I used: 
  • 16 gauge beading wire
  • [cheap] pearls
  • Silver ribbon
  • nails
  • Jewelry tools (to bend the edges and snip the excess off)
Here’s a very short description of how I made this: 
  1. Find a beautiful script on your computer and print your letter of choice as BIG as you can. 
  2. Use your printed letter as a template. Bend the wire in the shape of the letter. It does not need to be perfect at this point – this step is to simply see how MUCH wire you will need
  3. Once you have a rough outline of your letter, add a few inches to the length of the wire and snip. This gives you an allowance for things such as the edges and the width of your beads. 
  4. Straighten your wire out and make a loop at the end of one side of the wire. String your beads onto the wire. 
  5. Once your beads are strung, use the template again to make your letter. This time, be very careful and take your time to make the letter look good. 
  6. After you have formed your letter, make a loop at the other end of the wire. Snip off any excess wire.    
To hang up my letter, I hammered a nail into the wall and then tied the letter up with my ribbon. Then, I made sure the letter was in the exact spot that I wanted it. I found spots throughout the letter that needed additional support (because trust me, those beads are HEAVY and the wire will not hold it up alone) and put supporting nails in those spots to add support to my letter. 
My goal is to make a photo collage around this letter. Once I am done with that, I will give y’all an update. I hope y’all enjoy! I love {LOVE} the ideas and inspiration that I find on Pinterest. So, be on the look out for more Pinterest inspired projects here on Wee Share!!

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