2012 Wedding Photos: Window Photo Collage

Of all the decorations at our wedding… I think that THIS one is my favorite!
If you are new to the 2012 Wedding Event here at Wee Share, please go check out this post before reading about our photo display. You will more fully understand the entire design of this if you do.

So, here is the big picture of the photo collage. Didn’t it turn out INCREDIBLE? In the next few photos, I will go through each element of this collage and how we created it!

My mom is so wonderful at finding GREAT deals! She found some really {cheap} old, rustic windows at the Salvation Army store in Gainesville, GA. She painted them black to make them uniform with each other and more “wedding appropriate”. They were BLUE when we bought them. Since we wanted a DIY wedding on a budget, we were on the hunt for great deals like this one. Sometimes you have to look past what something first appears to be and try to imagine what it COULD be!

We used the fabulous Cricut to add silver vinyl accents to create more elegance to the windows. I did a few of them… and then my nerves were high (the night before the wedding) and I got super frustrated with it. So, Desi came and saved the day. She did a quick and super efficient job with the vinyl!

My mom put me in charge of taping a variety of photos of Kevin and I throughout the window frames (Double Sided Tape was my BEST FRIEND during this process). This acted as our “slideshow”. Since our wedding was completely outdoors, we did not have a spot for a traditional slide show. So, having our guests go and browse through our photos in the window collage served as a fun and creative replacement.

Each of the windows were hung to the wooden post by chains. Kevin and his groomsmen worked SO hard to get these hung in time for the guests to arrive.

My mom made the flowers on the beautiful stick decoration you see on the window photo collage.  She used red food coloring to dye the coffee filters pink. Then, she cut the filters and created beautiful flowers! They were so gorgeous and looked like REAL flowers!

To create this, my mom literally gathered sticks from the back yard. Then, she used a thick rope to tie all of the sticks together. This was one of the very first projects that she started on for the wedding. I absolutely LOVED this. It was so rustic and beautiful. (My mom is pretty much AMAZING)

Here are the various windows up close. I wanted to post these to Wee Share just in case any of you wanted to see our “slideshow”.





I hope you enjoyed! This Window Photo Collage was a huge hit at our wedding! So, the next time you are planning an event – try a Window Photo Collage! And remember — when planning on a budget, try to look past what something appears to look like and try to envision what it COULD become!!

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