2012 Wedding Photos: Our Guest Quilt

Here lately, I have become absolutely OBSESSED with quilting. When we were in Disney World, my family was giving me a hard time because instead of taking pictures of the characters and features of the parks… I would take pictures of the designs of the buildings and the tile themes on the floors. I do this because everywhere I look… I see QUILTS!
Well, Kevin knows how much I absolutely ADORE quilting. So, he had this incredible idea for our wedding. Instead of having a guest book, we had a guest QUILT! {He’s pretty great for thinking of that, huh?!}

Here is our guest quilt display from our wedding. Our guests simply grabbed a square and wrote a sweet message to us. It worked out WONDERFULLY!

When choosing what fabrics I wanted to include in the quilt, I had to keep a few different things in mind. For one, I wanted to stick to our color scheme. This wasn’t hard since gray is such a popular color right now. Secondly, I wanted top quality fabrics that I knew would last forever. That’s why I chose ALL Michael Miller fabrics! {Aren’t they GORGEOUS?!}

Sorry for the TERRIBLE photos of this. I recently got a beautiful Nikon camera for my birthday. However, before I received this incredible gift I used my iPhone as my main source for photos. This picture was taken with my iPhone and it’s NOT the greatest quality.

After the wedding, Kevin and I had a BLAST laying out the pieces so that I could sew them together. It was really a bonding moment because we got to go through each individual signature together. I used a plus quilt design for this quilt – which is one of my favorite piecing patterns here lately.

I have not yet finished the quilt… BUT… Here is a photo of 1/2 of the quilt completely pieced. In the end, the top of our guest quilt came out to a KING size!! We absolutely LOVE it.
I am super excited about finishing up our guest quilt for a couple of reasons.
  1. I am the owner of the Etsy shop, Designing Tomorrow. Once I complete our guest quilt, I will be listing Custom Guest Quilts to my shop. It will be an incredible way for other quilt fanatics to get completely customized guests quilts for their own weddings!
  2. I am most excited about finishing our guest quilt because it is extremely special to us. Each and every signature has great meaning. This is a quilt that Kevin and I will use and cherish for the rest of our lives– it’s a memory of the beginning of our lives together.

Once our quilt is complete, I will post photos of it on our bed. I absolutely cannot WAIT! So, stay tuned to Wee Share!!

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