2012 Wedding Photos: Burlap Tulle Tablecloths and Centerpieces

As I have said in previous wedding posts, the reception area was my FAVORITE part of our wedding. It was so beautiful. {Pictured above} is a photo of one of our tables. My mom made ruffled tulle tablecloths. She attached these to the outside of the table with Velcro. Then, she cut half circles out of burlap and sewed them together to make a large circle table cloth. The tulle, ruffles, and burlap went PERFECT with our theme – it was beautiful!

There were two parts to the centerpieces at our wedding. The first was the flowers planted in a leather purse. I thought that this was SUCH a great idea! My mom searched high and low for old leather purses at Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and a TON of yard sales. The best part about this was that the centerpieces were NOT all the same… but they all went together perfectly. We put beautiful white square napkins under the purses and voila!

The other part of the centerpieces was the Starbucks jars. Let me tell y’all — we had to drink SO MANY jars of coffee. But — it was totally worth it! We took small stick candles and hot glued them to the bottom of the jars. We put beautiful decorative crystal rocks on the bottom of the jars. You can find these rocks at any craft store. Then, we wrapped the jars with a beautiful burlap string.

We had over 3,000 pictures from our wedding day altogether. However, here at Wee Share we have the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide beginning in just a couple of days. So, that’s all of the wedding product and decoration posts for now. I will post more at the beginning of the new year! I hope y’all have enjoyed — feel free to contact me if you have any questions for either me OR my mom (my wedding planner & event coordinator!).

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